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haba three little pigs review
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I’ve entered a happy stage where my newborn can now be fully entertained by his big sister.  It’s a win-win for everyone as my daughter enjoys his company just as much as he does hers.  So as I browse the baby market, I take special note of interactive toys both

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I’ve been a really big fan of Esthex toys since the first time I laid my eyes on them four years ago. They are like no other plushies you will find out there. I find them whimsical and captivating. I find them ALMOST on the level of adorableness that would

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Sarah and myself started In The Know Mom for a lot of reasons several years ago. About five and a half years ago we became friends from our similar likes and passions. We both refused to settle for plastic toys that everyone seemed to have. Melissa, has a very similar

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Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug
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I’m a wooden toy lover. Partly because I love when my kids can play with toys that were mine when I was little. My kids have my old wooden table and chairs and are giving it the same abuse I did and they still look amazing. Aside from durability, I

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 …and they are all $20 and under! 1. Rosie Flo’s Coloring Fashion Show $12.50 2. Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Making Kit $20 3. Aladine Themed Rubber Stamps $11 4. Djeco Folded Paper Toy Kit, Kokeshis $9.99 5. Juratoys Magnetibook Girl’s Outfits $14.99

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I’m always on the hunt for visually stimulating and educational items for my girls. Learning Materials Workshop was founded in 1979 by an artist and early childhood educator. The creator understands the importance of open-ended play to help encourage your children to be creative. Open-ended play is a complex and challenging

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I  just found one of my favorite children’s books. An Awesome Book that’s written and illustrated by Dallas Clayton is absolutely magical! This book is about dreaming big. It encourages you and your child to dream the impossible, where up is down and cars run on jelly beans instead of gas.

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Little genius, Grayson, had an idea at just 9 years old. While he loved his Legos and Mega Blox, he wished he could remove the stickers that came with the sets. If these sets are all about imagination then the stickers should be able to move around too, right? Grayson

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One of the absolute best things about being a parent is getting a glimpse of your child’s world.  The imaginative worlds they create are magical, innocent, and such an honor to be a part of.  While it takes very little to activate a young imagination, I still love to find

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It is inevitable if you wear makeup, your little one will want to as well.  My four year old begs for a brush of bronzer and goes through tubes of lip balm faster than I do.  But what to do when she wants to play with makeup during dress-up sessions in

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