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Finding shoes that are both durable and comfortable for your child is essential. I found myself buying all sorts of pairs of shoes for my daughter. Shoes that she can bike, run and ride her scooter in and then cutesy shoes that are not so rugged looking and can be

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This last pregnancy took a very long time to happen. I had been watching my diet, refraining from alcohol or anything else that might reduce my chances of getting pregnant. Once I got my positive test, we were beyond blessed and excited. This also meant I would continue my routine

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I have been on the lookout for a wagon a few years now, but I just could not find one that was compact enough. We have very limited storage in our house so I’d pretty much dismissed the idea of a wagon. That was until I saw someone pulling what

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mommust havephotography

My search for THE perfect camera strap is OVER! Ladies, I bring you the holy grail of camera straps. Since the day these amazing camera straps launched they have been the talk of the photography community. With their stunningly chic design and high quality materials, photographers have been flocking to

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As parents, we want to always be there for our babies. With our busy lifestyles this can be quite the challenge when they are young and need to be comforted 24/7. I have managed to juggle multiple projects while simultaneously swaying with my little one to keep him calm. But

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As a busy parent, there are a few things that keep me sane and less stressed especially while travelling in the car. First is being organized and second is  keeping my car damage free. While I still haven’t figured out how to keep my windows nice and clean, I have

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We moved out West when my daughter was only two months old to be closer to my family (along with the heat and sunshine), who had all made the same move years earlier. While we moved closer to my immediate family, this meant that we moved away from all our other friends and family. Needless

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I  just found one of my favorite children’s books. An Awesome Book that’s written and illustrated by Dallas Clayton is absolutely magical! This book is about dreaming big. It encourages you and your child to dream the impossible, where up is down and cars run on jelly beans instead of gas.

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When it comes to my cosmetic bag there are 5 items that I do not leave my house without. It is one thing to have a stockpile of make-up at home, but to have a purse or giant cosmetic bag overflowing with make-up is just plain out of control. How much makeup is

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Babbaco Airy cover
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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect car seat cover. Spring weather is here and as you all know, it gets hot out here in the desert. The problem is that most covers are made up of all material. To me, this means that there’s no air flow to

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