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With Easter passed, it’s time to de-bunny the house.  While a lot of your existing decor will still work for the next couple months, there’s a good chance a lot won’t.  It’s easy to put your bunny blinders on preparing for Easter festivities.  Now is the time to simply focus

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My daughter asked me today what we should leave the Easter Bunny this year.  She proclaimed that it was not fair to bake fresh cookies for Santa, and then turn around and throw some baby carrots out for the Easter Bunny.  She is convinced they (and other holiday/occasion icons) meet

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This year I’ve really wanted to take out Easter Eggs to a whole new level.  This had me scouring Pinterest and favorite blogs looking for ideas and inspiration.  Apparently, lots of others had the same desire because I found great tutorials everywhere.  Think outside the box this year for non-traditional

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Hot Cross Lady

Up until now every Easter has been the same. Me, getting up at the crack of dawn to make Hot Cross Buns – pummelling my way through a truckload of dough, making awkward looking crosses, ceremoniously taking them out of the oven and calling to everyone ‘eat them while their

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I adore finding new books that have wonderful messages behind them. Just released this winter, Peepsqueak! This adorable little chick who comes out of his egg with a can-do attitude. As we know, our little kids think their invincible. Unfortunately they will be faced with a lot of people telling

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Upcycled felted wool and angora chicks from ForMyDarling Personalized hand stamped Easter egg drop pendant from Lilly Ellen Crocheted egg hats from Sabahnur Upcycled corduroy rabbits from ArtTales  

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Forget the wasteful plastic Easter basket grass this year and grow your own!   The grass grows in about a week.  Simply place the coconut husk in a bowl of water and it will turn to dirt.  Place the dirt in a lined Easter basket, and sprinkle the seeds on top. 

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Easter is quickly approaching, and I know you’re already planning on the festivities (look out Erin, here we come!).   I love Easter and all of it’s wonderful traditions, pastel colors, and historical connections.  Eggs are most certainly a staple for the holiday, and I love what they represent: new life. 

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I’m a mom to a boy. It’s all bugs, zombies, cars, and golf around here. Living in a house with all boys, I sometimes crave girly things! Luckily, photographers need props : )   This brings me to Chic Pretties! When I found this Etsy shop I couldn’t control myself.

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