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halloween lollipops

Spook up your Halloween festivities with these beyond-amazing lollipops from Vintage Collection.  For Halloween, find eyeballs, insects and gruesome bloody bones inside delicious candy lollipops.  Shop Vintage Confections Etsy store and discover much more than gory.   Perfect for any party or event, these creative lollipops come in a variety

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Casper Babypants books

Caspar Babypants has been providing fun music for my daughter (look for a new CD review coming soon) for some time now.  I was delighted to see that Caspar (musician, songwriter) joined up with wife Kate Endle (illustrator, Etsy store owner) to create a pair of really great books. She

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artworkeco-friendlyetsynurseryrecycled materials

Imagine teaching your young ones foreign languages and to be eco-aware at the same time.  Art and Philanthropy has made this possible with their line of adorable decor, all printed on 100% recycled materials with soy-based ink.  Each piece of art is unique and relevant.  They are gender-neutral and ready for

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all naturalappareletsyhandmadekids apparel

I will admit that my 4 year old son doesn’t quite know how to get his clothes on properly. So, when his teacher told me that he will not have any assistance in the bathrooms at school this year I panicked. I feel horrible for not having him more prepared to

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customDadeducationaletsygiveawaykidsmust have

The D word. It’s the nastiest, most hated word in a military family. It can ruin you day, your week, your month, and even your whole year. It’s just something we, as a military family must deal with. We must be able to not only survive deployments but thrive during

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apparelcoupon codeetsygiftsgiveawayhandmadekidssummertoddler apparel

Conjuring images of the roaring twenties, Posh Petti Designs lace rompers are just about the cutest thing in kids clothing I’ve seen in a while  EVER!  One of my favorite Etsy finds yet, these one piece lacy numbers are classic, yet entirely original. Made of nylon tricot and lace, my

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The idea and photo is from Bombus, a seller on etsy. They customize one location of your choice, hand cut and glazed onto textured watercolor paper. I love the idea, not really loving the price of $540. So I think I’m going to make my own, but change it up a little.

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I absolutely fell in love at first sight with these  adorable guys from mrs Jermyn.  They are made from a re-loveable menswear shirt (check out that detail).  They are perfect for kids (or adults) as a sweet up-cycled toy.  Being their poofy and comfy selves, they also make great throw pillows (talk

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Oh my, how adorable is this birdhouse nightlight? Created by modern tree top baby who you can find on etsy.  This whimsical decoration is fun to add to a tree decal, on your child’s bookshelf or even purchase some branches for a real-life look. Each birdhouse is made from real

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This house is run by Apple these days.  While my daughter has many interests outside of the iWorld, there is a special place in her heart for Angry Birds Rio.  I can easily justify her time spent in iWorld with a couple dozen learning apps.  In many ways, the iPad has

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