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My kids love snack time and I usually try to provide healthy choices when it comes to snacks. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely dole out my fair share of goldfish and bunny crackers, which I am sure they would choose above all the healthy options that I try and

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Thanksgiving has crept up rather quickly this year. Here I was thinking I that I had another two weeks to decide on my Thanksgiving menu but no, the big event is next Thursday – and I haven’t even contemplated how I am going to cook the turkey. Ordinarily I brine

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There were all sorts of reasons to make these last week, from a Fall themed bake sale to a Halloween celebration – and what is an event without customised sugar cookies. Although my sugar cookie skills are getting marginally better, these are certainly not my finest. But the kiddies love

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diningentertainingfrom scratch

I have given up on pre -dinner snacks in our household, usually because dinner is such a big event – as is dessert. So I do not expect people to eat anything, aside from a few olives or spiced nuts, before they make their way through the feast I will inevitabley serve. That being

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autumndiningentertainingfrom scratchwinter

  I felt a decidedly cool nip in the air this morning, as I dropped my daughters off at school, and thought I might make something a little more nourishing for dinner than the usual Summer fare we had been living off for the past couple of months. I was not

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summer fruit tart recipe
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I think fruit tarts are mesmerising. They are the item that catches my eye at every bakery counter, the fruit so perfectly (or in my case, not perfectly) arranged, glistening in glaze and so full of gorgeous colour. They are a treat I would label as ‘splendid’ – I have

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burrata salad
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Here is another perfect salad for nibbling – whether it be lunch, dinner or a late supper. I can see myself crisping the Shiitake’s with a glass of champagne in hand – Mr Man and I may have just got home from a play, or a show on Broadway perhaps –

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Sometimes when I have friends over and we are making our way through a bottle of champagne, I find myself thinking that we should be eating something – but conversation amongst good friends often gets the better of me and another couple of glasses and a sore head later I remember I

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summer corn salad
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I love the 4th of July holiday – it seems to be the most comparible national holiday to Australia Day, with every one heading to the beach to celebrate or lighting up a grill in their backyard. In the past we have spent this day either alone or amongst a

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bakingfrom scratchsummer

Over the last couple of months I have gathered together a nice little pile of peach recipes. It’s not like I have been sitting around tapping my fingers on my kitchen counter, waiting for peaches to come into season but you could say I have been getting a little impatient.

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