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Mobi AnimaLamp

Mobi’s new AnimaLamp is the perfect solution for little late-night readers.  Put away the flashlight and set up the AnimaLamp, which comes in Monkey, Giraffe and Bunny.  This little light illuminates full pages with its cool-running LED lights on a rechargeable battery.  So grab a few books, pull up the

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baby showerdecordesignnursery

Let’s face it, in the early weeks after a baby is born you’re living in a bit of a daze on auto pilot. Sleep deprived and working off of fumes, when your child needs their diaper changed, you need everything at hand or you just might fall victim to using toothpaste

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3 sprouts caddy review
baby geardecorkidsnurserystorage

There are plenty of decisions to be made when it comes to choosing the décor for your child’s nursery or bedroom. Finding items that are cute, unique and that can grow with your child is fundamental. When your child goes from infant to toddler to big kid, so must their

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ferm living marionette

When looking for the new and classic modern baby products, there are only a handful of sites that I venture to, one being My Urban Child.  My Urban Child is a one-stop-shop that can be a real lifesaver when decorating becomes overwhelming.  While they offer products running the whole gamut

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Paper Llamas bathroom art prints etsy

Etsy is a wealth of creativity and I love to browse around there for art prints, especially for my daughter.  By simply changing her bedroom’s art around, a whole new feel can be achieved.  But what about the often over-looked bathroom?  Those walls deserve a little pizzazz as well and

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ottoman DIY

Multipurpose products always earn a spot in my home.  While ottomans and poufs are a huge love of mine (can you ever have too many?) they do take up a good amount of room.   So when a decorative piece like an ottoman has storage, I cannot resist purchasing.  When said

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DIY paper flowers
craftsdecorDIYMother's Day

Cut flowers are pretty but they don’t last long, and if you or your mother has a black thumb, the potted kind won’t last either.  Here’s a novel idea: have the kids help you make paper flowers.  You can customize your own gorgeous bouquet or a single stem will do. 

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Easter Eggshell DIY projects vases votives planter
craftsdecoreasterholidayrecycled materialsspringTop 5

With Easter passed, it’s time to de-bunny the house.  While a lot of your existing decor will still work for the next couple months, there’s a good chance a lot won’t.  It’s easy to put your bunny blinders on preparing for Easter festivities.  Now is the time to simply focus

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How amazing is this? Simply replace one center board with a metal gutter and you have a built-in cooler. Keep waters cool, water balloons, flowers, ANYTHING! Love this idea!

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craftsdecorDIYValentine's Day

I think arrows are a very overlooked decor must for Valentine’s Day.  Cupid’s bow and arrow are pivotal parts of the love day lore so put down the hearts and pick up some dowels!  I think a jar of arrows is the perfect addition to your holiday decor–simple yet interesting. 

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