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Looking for a fun way to show off your child’s artwork or maybe even give a loved one a customized gift? Hiho Batik provides a unique approach to personalizing items by batiking images into fabric products. Every item in their shop is handmade onsite. They offer a wide variety of products to

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Every so often one of those photos comes around.  You’re dumping photos onto your computer from your last photo session and one just pops out at you.   It may be because you simply took an amazing photograph, or it may be the subject.  For me, most of those moments

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The D word. It’s the nastiest, most hated word in a military family. It can ruin you day, your week, your month, and even your whole year. It’s just something we, as a military family must deal with. We must be able to not only survive deployments but thrive during

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