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My relationship with cloth diapers has been a rocky one.  We started out strong and then my love started to fade and I began to have eyes for another… yes, the disposable.  See, using both cloth and disposable is a slippery slope.  We began using disposable diapers while out of

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softbums omni diaper review
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Traveling into uncharted cloth diapering waters can be intimidating, to say the least.  So when a company comes around with fresh, innovative ideas to simplify the concept that has become so over-complicated, we jump on it.  SoftBums  is the creator of the Echo, known to be the trimmest one-size available. 

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While planning for baby number 2, I’ve begun to amass a collection of cloth diapers that all seem to be of the pocket variety.  As a second time mom but a first time cloth diaperer, the pocketed diapers seemed like the easiest route.  This clearly shows my ignorance on the

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Everywhere I seem to turn cloth diapers seem to be there. When my daughter was born there weren’t many options for cloth diapers and I have to admit, I was so overwhelmed with my first child, I couldn’t even think about trying to use cloth diapers. Now that I’ve learned

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You know how every once in a while, you stumble upon an amazing online store or website that just blows you away by their prices and excellent customer service? Well I would like to share one I found with you, Jack Be Natural. When I first got into cloth diapering,

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With all the options available these days, there is just no excuse for using disposable diapers.  Not only are they a cartoony eyesore, but they are a leading cause of the mounting landfills.  A shocking 3.4 million tons of reusable diapers find their way into US landfills every year.  In

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