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  1.  Hopscotch Kids by Scotch $11.99  2.  SpaRitual $10  3.  Priti Princess by Priti NYC  $8  4.  Suncoat Girl  $8.99  5. Keeki  $9.99  6. A Beautiful Life $12   Was that 6? whoops!  Have Top 5 requests?  Send them to us or tell us in our Cafemom Group!

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What says “holiday” more than a glittery nail polish?  Right, nothing.  Everywhere you look  for the Winter 20011-12 season, there are sparkling shoes and shimmering dresses.  This swing of fashion excites me and I’m already building my shopping list–chock full of festive colors and glittery textures.  Being in season doesn’t just

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I keep everything in my purse. This way when we need to run out the door, we can do so and not have to worry about needing things. Protein bar? Check! Dental floss? Check! Check book? Check! This also means that my purse can get pretty crammed. Two things that

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I am constantly searching for the best skincare products.  If you follow my posts, I’m sure you are well aware of this.  Sometimes, what’s best for our skin isn’t a topical product.  Of course, water is your body’s best friend, and is the most essential in keeping healthy skin, but

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In highschool, I worked at a nail & tanning salon on the weekends and then even into college when I’d come home on breaks. I’d spend hours with the nail tech’s learning all the tips and tricks and of course getting my nails done. Pretty sad knowing my background if you

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