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Often times men overlook the importance of treating their skin properly.  I blame everyone on this one because wives should be pushing their husbands to commit to a skincare regimen.  And guys, well you should just agree with your wives.  You will thank them when you are old with skin that

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Curls are high maintenance hair.  It’s just that simple.   When people meet my daughter, their first response is typically, “oh I love her curly hair”.  Her hair as been a mess of ringlets since she was around 2 (yes it was straight when she was a baby).  While they are quite

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When spending a day at the pool, ending it with a shower is no brainer, right?  Got to wash away that pesky chlorine from our hair  and skin, not to mention our kids’ hair and skin, right?  Not so fast.  Many of us use some method to filter chlorine from

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I bet you’ve never really thought too much about the bath mat you use on a daily basis. I’m here to tell you that the reason you don’t think about it is because you don’t own a Microdry memory foam bath mat. The justification for this statement is because once

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Open a magazine, and the chances of hearing about Coconut Oil is probably high. People are using it with cooking, baking and body care. Talk about a multi-purpose product! Research in the tropics shows that people who follow a traditional diet high in coconut oil enjoy excellent cardiovascular health. Plus

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There is something so wonderfully fun about facial treatments.  They can become quite addicting, I’ve noticed.  When I came across InstantPeel, I was intrigued.  The concept of the peel was familiar, but the method was a new one for me.  This treatment you apply in the shower, once your skin

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