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If you love the classic baby scent, you will love Live Clean (Baby).  Upon opening a package of these eco-friendly baby bath products, the aroma took me back to when my daughter was a newborn.  It was a wonderfully nostalgic moment.  The difference from those old school products is that

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Bayberry Naturals
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Before my daughter was born, I would’ve told you that it really didn’t matter if my skin and hair products were all-natural. I would occasionally have irritation from certain brands when I used them on myself, but I just didn’t use that brand again. Not realizing that it likely wasn’t

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I have spent my entire life with small patches of itchy irritating eczema on the back of my arms and I’ve never really been able to get rid of the completely. Unfortunately, I passed eczema along to my son, he too gets small patches of it on various parts of his body.

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Hello Mellow. The name in itself is an exercise in relaxation.  Go ahead, say it out loud!  It feels good!  This is one  book you can judge by its cover; the products feel amazing too.  Hello Mellow butters,  balms, scrubs, and  sprays are made only of fine natural ingredients ~

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Have you ever stumbled upon a product that made you say, “Wow, what a great idea, why didn’t I come up with that?”  Well, those were my thoughts exactly when I first discovered the Cleanwater Infant Tub. Created by 4moms, this tub is truly the most innovative infant tub on

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The almighty San Francisco Salt Company is all about salt.  I have been looking to SFSC for my salt needs for years–culinary and skin.  This company can harness the powers of natural mineral sea salts to “enhance your well being”.  The company is split into two divisions: bath salts and

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Over the summer, neem oil became a reccurring theme in my life.  I’d never heard of the plant before and suddenly it was recommended by a trusted friend and a knowledgable relative as a great treatment for hair and skin; grown-ups and kids.  So, naturally, I checked it out… Neem

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blooming bath baby tub sink

The sink has been used as a baby bathing station for decades due to its convenience.   As convenient as it is, it is also a slippery and unsupportive place.   The use of a tub inside a sink is a relatively new idea, and I haven’t seen one cuter

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It is ironic that summer is the season we want our tootsies to look best, but also the harshest time for our feet.  No matter how many pedicures I can manage to fit into our fun (exhausting) summer schedule, my tired toes need some extra upkeep to be sandal ready

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  What does soap, skincare, bodycare, cosmetics, bath, and home products have in common?   Well, for one,  they are  products that we use each and every day.  Another, is that the purchase of these commonplace items can benefit women and children across the globe.  That’s right, with Soap Hope, you

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