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I can’t really put into words my love of Puj. Maybe it’s because their Puj Tub is a part of my daily routine with my 10 week old daughter. This tub is incredibly soft and allows the water to drain out so that it doesn’t overflow, it also allows fresh

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You might remember our previous review on the FlexiBATH a couple months ago. Well they’ve added an amazing new feature to the FlexiBath, an Infant Support! This support ensures maximum comfort and safety, while allowing complete freedom of movement for the baby. Inspired by the gentle curves of a mother’s womb, or

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Have you ever stumbled upon a product that made you say, “Wow, what a great idea, why didn’t I come up with that?”  Well, those were my thoughts exactly when I first discovered the Cleanwater Infant Tub. Created by 4moms, this tub is truly the most innovative infant tub on

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