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top 5 toddler sleep essentials
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What could be more important in a toddler’s life than sleep?  I know when my son misses a nap he is CRANK-Y… and so is mom.  He’s always been quite particular with his sleep and has certain rituals he needs in order to actually fall asleep.  He DEFINITELY needs a

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masala baby clothing
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Back to school shopping is an ongoing process for little fashionistas.  This fall my daughter is all about bold and bright patterns and comfortable fabrics… okay, me too!  Masala Baby is absolutey killing it with their Indian-inspired prints this fall, both dresses and new organic pajamas.  How hot is ikat

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burt's bees baby underbees review
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Babies in their undergarments, what could be cuter?  With 120 degree summer days looming, my family’s clothing has been noticeably thinner and skimpier.  This is my son’s first summer as an active kid and his comfort and safety is my top priority.  We’ve already got multiple sippy cups of water

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Silver Sense
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Each and every day, I worry about and check the status of my six month old’s eczema. Some days it’s clear as can be. Other days she has major inflammations all over her torso, hands and cheeks. Eczema can be sore and extremely itchy, which is really hard for a

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apparelchristmasholidaykids apparelpajamas

I have just as much fun searching for Christmas Eve/morning pajamas as I do the Christmas dress.  Having a Christmas pajama tradition is an easy way to sneak in a practical gift each year… something the kiddos actually need.  Not only are they fun as gifts the night before the

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gunamuna gunapod review
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Sleep sacks are my favorite apparel items for babies as they offer comfort with room to grow.  With babies seeming to double in size at the drop of a hat, it can be hard to keep up.  A sleep sack offers you a little breathing room in the sizing department

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eco-friendlygiveawaykidskids apparelorganicpajamas

Most little kids sleep 10 -12 hours a day, including naps.  That’s a lot of time spent sleeping, so shouldn’t they be in the most comfy pajamas that you can find.  Skylar Luna’s pajamas are not only comfortable but are also made with super-supple 100% organic cotton fabric. These are

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tutorial for baby pajama pants sew
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I know “sew do it” is a cheesy title, but I like it and it embodies my relationship with my sewing machine. I learned to sew at a very young age on a very old Singer.  We had an affair, this lovely machine and I, one summer sewing what my

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Sleep Sacks are a proven necessity for any baby.  Babies who sleep in sleep sacks fall asleep faster, sleep more sound, and sleep longer… a parent’s dream.  Merino Kids, based in New Zealand, has an amazing collection for sleepwear for infants-kids.  Forget blankets and socks that just get kicked off

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Zutano is known for its bright and colorful infant-kid apparel.  The designs and pleasant colors were what first attracted me to Zutano.  Once I felt their items, washed them, let my daughter repeatedly wear them, I noticed the quality.  These clothes are meant to last, and will stand up to

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