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burt's bees baby underbees review
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Babies in their undergarments, what could be cuter?  With 120 degree summer days looming, my family’s clothing has been noticeably thinner and skimpier.  This is my son’s first summer as an active kid and his comfort and safety is my top priority.  We’ve already got multiple sippy cups of water

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burt's bees baby apparel review
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There was a collective sigh heard ’round the eco-friendly baby community when Burt’s Bees Baby launched a line of apparel, and now parents of toddlers can join.  Burt’s Bees Baby now sells quality, organic clothing for kids up to 4T!  The first line for fall is exceptional and full of

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i play swim diaper review
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Summer heat is driving us all to the pools.  Keep baby sun-safe and eco-friendly with this collection of swimwear from i play, sent for review.  No need to bring yet more disposables into the equation, cloth swim diapers from i play. do an astounding job! My 5 month old just

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mamas and papas baby clothing
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The first few months of my second child’s life were spent partially nude.  He had pretty bad reflux and, after changing his clothes 4-5 times a day, we just stopped putting clothes on him.  The cloth diapers were cute to look at anyway.  Now that he is five months old,

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burt's bees baby basket review
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Finding a go-to baby shower gift makes life easy, and my #1 is the Take Me Home Striped Baby Basket from Burt’s Bees Baby.  Full of essentials, this basket has no filler, just high quality baby apparel and accessories sure to win over the new mom in your life. I’m

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HALO sleepsack wearable blanket review
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Having another baby has made me realize just how much I adore and rely on HALO SleepSacks and Swaddles.  Many may try, but the more swaddles and sacks I use with my baby, the more I appreciate HALO.  When it is late at night and my sweaty or leaky baby

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Burt's Bees Baby Review
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I’m happy to report we are officially 100% cloth diapers now and it only took 2 1/2 months to get there. My trepidations of cloth at nighttime and out on the town have finally been squashed, and all right in time for Earth Day — April 22nd.  My baby boy

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zen swaddle review
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Moms report up to 2 hours of extra sleep (need I say more?).  Designed to mimic your touch, the Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean is an innovative swaddle that will bring baby comfort and deeper, longer sleep.  Combine the time-tested swaddle with the weight of touch and you have an

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Silver Sense
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Each and every day, I worry about and check the status of my six month old’s eczema. Some days it’s clear as can be. Other days she has major inflammations all over her torso, hands and cheeks. Eczema can be sore and extremely itchy, which is really hard for a

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tomat apparel
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Oftentimes “organic” does not bring adjectives like “bold” and “unique” to mind, but Tomat is shaking things up.  With their 100% organic clothing, Tomat has inspired, stand out designs for infant and toddler, boy and girl. When I first had a look at Tomat’s lightning design, I knew I had

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