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uppababy cruz review
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Last week I reviewed the MESA, UPPAbaby’s new infant car seat, and showed how easy it works with the CRUZ (no adaptors!).  Well now I want to show you a more in-depth view of the CRUZ, sent to me for review.  I’m crushing hard! The UPPAbaby CRUZ is my favorite

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With so many double strollers out there, it can be somewhat overwhelming when it comes to choosing one. I knew that I wanted something that could transition easily from everyday strolling to all terrain jogging.  I also wanted a double stroller that didn’t have an abundance of bells and whistles

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Strollers are like cars. There are so many makes and models but some are better suited than others when you consider terrain. You wouldn’t drive a Prius through the back woods as you wouldn’t parallel park a Hummer in the city. My new-mom mistake was picking a stroller as if

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With the first baby, you can hide out in your house a lot, keeping them pretty sheltered from all those nasty germs out there. But any kids you have after your first is just going to have to learn to adapt. I find myself having to figure out how I’ll

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Holy moly! I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this review. In my neighborhood, the streets are made of asphalt and we don’t have any sidewalks. Even the toughest regular stroller jiggles and wiggles when being pushed down our street. Having a very active neighborhood, we’re always getting together

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Having a good jogger makes parenthood a lot more fun.  Not only are they great for everyday errands, they are perfect for getting a nice workout with baby in tow.  It can certainly be difficult to get off any postpartum weight with a young baby at home.  With a jogger

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Babbaco Airy cover
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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect car seat cover. Spring weather is here and as you all know, it gets hot out here in the desert. The problem is that most covers are made up of all material. To me, this means that there’s no air flow to

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Joovy ergo caboose stroller review
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When you’ve got one small child and one on the way, the double stroller is at the top of your buy list.  I personally will do anything to avoid the ultra wide types of double strollers.  I know if twins are in your future, this may be hard to get

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I remember the day I went out to purchase a new stroller for my daughter like it was yesterday. I had two in mind to test drive. the Bugaboo Bee and the Quinny Buzz. I got to the store and the owner barely let me look at the Bee. Said

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When you are strolling your baby along in your top of the line, decked out baby stroller, most concerns are for the precious cargo.  We research and test drive every stoller on the market, finally settling on one.  Then, it’s all about accessories.  We find the need to further enhance our

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