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When I was in fifth grade my best friend had a purple scooter. I wanted that scooter, I begged my parents for a scooter and in the end I never did get a scooter. When I saw that scooters where making a comeback, I knew that I had to get

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Sand Castle Play Table
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I am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. No other compensation was provided. Living in Arizona, we spend A LOT of time outside. By a lot, I mean, every single day. Even during winter, it’s still pretty

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With so many double strollers out there, it can be somewhat overwhelming when it comes to choosing one. I knew that I wanted something that could transition easily from everyday strolling to all terrain jogging.  I also wanted a double stroller that didn’t have an abundance of bells and whistles

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Cup holders. They’re a stroller essential, but sometimes they’re more hazardous than helpful. You can’t really expect that built in cup holder to hold anything more than your keys when it’s barely 2 inches deep, can you? Not really. You can either give it a whirl anyway and pack an

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Strollers are like cars. There are so many makes and models but some are better suited than others when you consider terrain. You wouldn’t drive a Prius through the back woods as you wouldn’t parallel park a Hummer in the city. My new-mom mistake was picking a stroller as if

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As a family, we love to play outdoor games; taking pleasure in anything from Bocce Ball to our own invented game, made up specifically for that day. Even my almost 4 year old daughter enjoys participating, which is what brought me on the search for more outdoor games that cater

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Living in the Great Northwest it is quite easy to get used to mild weather with frequent drizzling and cloud cover…except for the few weeks we get in the summer when it is ridiculously hot and muggy. The first time I tried out my new Kool Tool it was a few

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I have been on the lookout for a wagon a few years now, but I just could not find one that was compact enough. We have very limited storage in our house so I’d pretty much dismissed the idea of a wagon. That was until I saw someone pulling what

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Babbaco Airy cover
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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect car seat cover. Spring weather is here and as you all know, it gets hot out here in the desert. The problem is that most covers are made up of all material. To me, this means that there’s no air flow to

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It doesn’t rain much in L.A., and when it does, it often pours.  People are generally unprepared, including me.  I’ve ruined many a leather  shoe and walked lots of steps in squishy socks and soggy pantlegs. The only pair of rain boots I’d ever invested in were a pair of

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