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Safety 1st Bundle
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The time has finally come for our biggest and best review and giveaway from #Safety1st! A lot of us are traveling for the holidays, so I’m hoping you read my Safety Tips posting last week with some really great tips on how to ensure your little ones stay safe while

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uppababy cruz review
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Last week I reviewed the MESA, UPPAbaby’s new infant car seat, and showed how easy it works with the CRUZ (no adaptors!).  Well now I want to show you a more in-depth view of the CRUZ, sent to me for review.  I’m crushing hard! The UPPAbaby CRUZ is my favorite

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When driving with your precious cargo you’re extra cautious and abide by all traffic laws to a T. You can control your actions but what about other drivers? It’s scary to think about all the things that could go wrong, which is why a car seat is the most important

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That’s right, we have a Britax PARKWAY SG Booster to give away to one lucky reader. I absolutely adore this booster, you can read my full review of it here. As time goes on, I continue to find additional reasons for loving this booster. One of my biggest reasons is

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With the first baby, you can hide out in your house a lot, keeping them pretty sheltered from all those nasty germs out there. But any kids you have after your first is just going to have to learn to adapt. I find myself having to figure out how I’ll

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cruiserfix pro review

For most parents, finding a new car seat for your child that ranks high on safety is crucial but for the child, comfort is the primary concern. I honestly never gave the comfort part much thought, figuring that most car seats were the same.  Then we received the Kiddy Cruiserfix

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carseat canopy the whole caboodle review
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Between cars and travel systems, babies spend a good amount of their early lives in car seats, so make it an exciting place to be.  With the cool weather here, take an extra precaution to keep the chilly wind off of baby’s sensitive new skin with the Carseat Canopy.  Add

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Holy moly! I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this review. In my neighborhood, the streets are made of asphalt and we don’t have any sidewalks. Even the toughest regular stroller jiggles and wiggles when being pushed down our street. Having a very active neighborhood, we’re always getting together

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As a busy parent, there are a few things that keep me sane and less stressed especially while travelling in the car. First is being organized and second is  keeping my car damage free. While I still haven’t figured out how to keep my windows nice and clean, I have

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We moved out West when my daughter was only two months old to be closer to my family (along with the heat and sunshine), who had all made the same move years earlier. While we moved closer to my immediate family, this meant that we moved away from all our other friends and family. Needless

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