a cat house makeover for fall

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About a month ago I adopted two kittens on a whim.  I was at the pet store purchasing food for our bearded dragon, totally not looking to adopt any other animals, and there they were – a sweet, puffy set of kittens from a local rescue.  One black, one orange, I instantly knew they were OUR Halloween kitties.  They are now a special part of our family and with the new season here, I decided to snaz up their cat house.  I was already decorating the mantel and walls, so why not spread the spirit to them?!  I’m also sharing their new love of Purina® Muse® foods, because feeding our cats delicious, healthy foods is a perfect way to spread the love.

It must have been fate that I would find and rescue these two abandoned kittens.  Only days later, we would lose our pit bull, Chloe, and having the new kittens around really softened the blow for the kids.  Where our home would have been silent and solemn, we had these two rascals play fighting all day and cuddling up with us all night.

Needless to say, they are very special to our family.  It is their first fall with us and since they are our Halloween kittens, I figured they really needed touch of fall to their super cool cat house.  This house is a huge part of their lives since they eat on the top patio and nap in the bottom cubby.  Adjust these ideas to your cat’s spaces – towers, bed, houses – wherever they claim as home!

easy ideas to decorate a cat space for fall

fall food mat

Spruce up any cat’s eating area with a fall-themed mat.  When I was out looking for fall-themed cat mats around town, I came up short.  I couldn’t find anything, but then I came across these fall leaf placemats at the craft store.  Perfect!  In the same aisle, there were felt spider web placemats, which would be perfect for Halloween decorating.

a new cozy blanket

Cats love to cuddle and will find the softest blankets in your home to nap.  I hunted for and found the absolute creamiest blanket ever and in fall colors!  The rusty orange matches my gold/rust themed fall decorations throughout the house, tying their space in with ours.  For Halloween, I saw quite a few great throw options from dogs in costumes to dancing skeletons.

woodland animal decor

I wanted to avoid Halloween for the cat house but was still looking for some fall whimsy.  Woodland creatures seemed like the perfect route and since they love birds, I went with owls.  If you want a spookier look, ravens would be PURfect (sorry, couldn’t resist).  I used a small dab of hot glue to affix the owls and I love the gargoyle feel they give.  Speaking of, small gargoyles perched atop a cat house or tower would be awesome for a Halloween style!

fall decor for a cat house

spooky cat toys

My kittens play constantly, all day, so I’m always adding new toys to their collection.  Their constant batting pushes small toys out of reach… under beds, sofas, bookcases… there has to be 15 mice and balls under my bed right now.  So adding seasonal toys is an easy yes from me.

fallen felt leaves

Right next to the felt placemats I found felt leaves that we glued together in a garland.  I thought they were loose (loose would be better) but easily pulled them apart to form a trail of “fallen leaves” up their stairs and onto the patio.  I used double-sided tape to affix them and I think they add a great subtle fall look.  These would also look great up any cat tower or around food bowls.  We live in a palm tree and cactus desert, so I could put fall leaves everywhere!

wired fall decor

Wired craft store decorations are so perfect for decorating cat homes and cat towers.  Marceline and Jake’s home has a lattice around the top patio, so this was an easy spot to decorate with a fall wire.  The ends that stick out are super fun for them to bat around.

Decorating and finding seasonal toys for our cats is one way to show we care, but another is finding the right food for them. It is interesting how different our two cats are.  The orange one, Jake, actually reminds me of a dog as his favorite things in life are playing fetch and hunting for table scraps.  You can probably guess he is not a picky eater, but of course, needs proper cat nutrition.

Marceline on the other hand, is all cat.  She is a sleepy homebody who just wants to curl up on a lap.  She seems to be a picky eater and from what I can gather, doesn’t enjoy chicken.  Since she turns her nose up at chicken, I keep their food now all fish.  They have been enjoying Purina Muse foods (fish varieties of course), made with natural ingredients that they so wild for.

It is crucial to offer both wet and dry to your beloved felines, not only because they enjoy both, but it is healthier for them.  Feeding cats both wet and dry foods is important for their oral and digestive health.  The wet food also offers more hydration than just a diet of dry food.  My kittens enjoy Purina Muse Sailing with Salmon dry food, which is grain-free and features a salmon, egg and yogurt recipe (plus accents of blueberry and spinach).  It has the essential ingredients their growing bodies need and they have no complaints!

To compliment their dry food, I serve them a variety of Purina Muse wet foods.  When they see me head for these, they run to my feet, ready to chow down on some fish.  The two types they seem to love the most are Purina Muse Infused wet food and Purina Muse In Broth wet food.  The Infused varieties are grain-free and the first ingredient is fish (or chicken if you choose those flavors).  They contain no preservatives, colors or flavors – because cats don’t need junk in their food!  When I put out the In Broth wet food, it is like Christmas Day!  They are hydrating and consist of hand-filleted fish (no corn, wheat or soy).

You can find a huge variety of Purina Muse cat foods, both wet and dry, at Petco.  There is a flavor and type for every finicky (or not so finicky) feline, so give them a try. Purina Muse is so confident that your cat will love their Muse food they offer a Clean Plate Guarantee. Head to Petco and try Purina Muse, risk free, with the Clean Plate™ Guarantee. If your cat turns up their nose, they’ll return your cash! How great is that? Look out for a new range of Masterpieces Dry Formulas coming in February of 2018! While at Petco, you can also pick up some awesome seasonal toys, costumes and much more.

Also, check out a Facebook LIVE event, hosted by Budget Savvy Diva on Wednesday 10/18 at 9pm ET! There will be free samples of Muse wet and dry food to claim (while supplies last)!

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