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Toffee Maternity and Nursing Bra {Cake Lingerie}

Cake Lingerie maternity braCongratulations.  Now that you are expecting, expect the need for all new bras.  Comfort is key to a happy pregnancy, and one of the first wardrobe changes needed is a couple of perfect bras.  Look to Cake Lingerie for an exceptional fit, quality design and almost sinful support — go ahead, indulge yourself.

With names like Cotton Candy and Shortbread, Cake Lingerie sets the mood early for a sweet outcome.  As I was looking for the ideal must-have maternity bra, essential to the sanity of pregnant women worldwide, the Toffee Bra quickly rose to the top.  This convertible bra is not only superb for maternity, but also nursing!  Maternity products that can last clear to the other side of pregnancy are winners in my book.  A contoured, foam-molded balcony bra means a comfortable fit.  It hugs all the right areas, fully encompassing the breasts without any excess fabric.  Feel sexy and supported throughout this special time with the sophisticated and quite lovely Toffee Bra.

The proper bra, in quality and correct size, smooths the silhouette and creates a foundation for clothing.  Wrong bra, everything else will look wrong too, especially pregnant.  The Toffee bra is so form-fitting and sleek with polished, silky contour cups that provide the perfect starting point for any outfit.   Feel free to move any way you want as this bra can handle twists and turns.   The breasts stay put in a flattering way, not to mention well-supported, easing stress on the back. Coming with an extra strap, this bra has 3-way functionality so you can wear what you want to wear.  And when the time comes, your surely favorite maternity bra transforms into your favorite nursing bra.

The inner lining is a gorgeous floral fabric that is so soft to the touch, and with a simple unclick of the strap to the cup (either side), you are in nursing position.  The cup easily clicks back in place when nursing is done back into the world’s most wonderful bra.  It seems to me most nursing bras around do not give a whole lot of support.  I understand not wanting stiff underwire, but being on the larger end of the spectrum gives me great desire for great support.  With the Toffee Bra, sizes A, B, C and D are wire free and highly supportive.  And sizes DD, E, F and FF contain a flexible wire that is so comfortable, I had to check and make sure it was actually there.  Keep in mind when ordering that these are Australian sizes so the size calculator is mandatory.

When ordering the Toffee Bra in my calculated size, I was slightly thrown off.  I hadn’t realized just how much my size had changed, but Cake’s interactive fitting guide and size calculator left me at ease.  Never have I felt so trusting when ordering clothing online, especially undergarments.  The Toffee Bra and Knickers arrived in a gorgeous drawstring bag, assuring me Cake takes a great deal of pride in their products and presentation — what a difference packaging can make. And the fit… oh, the fit, absolutely sublime. By utilizing the onsite size calculator, I had achieved an immaculate fit.

Purchase this absolute maternity essential, the Toffee Bra and Knicker from Cake Lingerie for approximately $67.  Available in Toffee, Dark Toffee and Mint Toffee (shown above).

Product was provided by Cake Lingerie to facilitate this review.

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