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Caboose Too Ultralight Double Stroller {Joovy}

Double strollers.

For some, those two words together kick the anxiety up a few levels.  “Some” includes me, but I also decided to add #2, and therefore the need for a double. Where better to look than my tried and true baby gear love, Joovy?  Of course, they had just what I needed.

I always knew I wanted to space my children out age-wise.  My brother and I are five years apart and it was always a nice way to exist — no competition, always doing our own thing, but close enough to enjoy being together.  So now here I am with a newly turned six year old and a 1 month old.  I almost made it to the point where a double stroller would never even be needed, but there are still times when my six year old needs a leg break — like walking around the enormous San Diego Zoo or other all day affairs.  I must say, we haven’t been using strollers much at all in the past year, but now with a baby being paraded around pram-style, my oldest suddenly has very weak legs.  Our situation called for one very specific double stroller – a tandem.

The Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller can be used for a variety of families as it is SO versatile.  Whether you have two young babies, toddlers or a big kid and baby, this double works for you.  Now isn’t that so great?  This stroller even comes with a universal car seat adapter, so I can use it with my newborn.  To illustrate the variety of configurations, I’m just going to make a list:

Front Seat:

  • infant car seat
  • Caboose Seat

Back Seat:

  • Caboose Too Seat
  • bench seat
  • standing platform

As you can see. there are many configurations to the Caboose Too Ultralight, making it pretty much perfect for any kid duo.  The front seat is for babies 3 months to 45 lbs.  It features a 5 point harness and a three position recline.  The back end offers a bench seat with 3 point harness and a standing platform.  It can also become another full 5 point harnessed seat, the Too Seat.  This is super easy to snap and click on.  It also reclines and babies aged 6 months to 45 lbs can enjoy this ride.  That’s a total child weight of 90 lbs!

with the Too seat on a rainy SoCal afternoon

joovy caboose too ultralight review

Joovy caboose too ultralight review

Joovy caboose too ultralight review

The front can also be reconfigured to hold an infant car seat, which is what I need now with a newborn in the house.  A universal attachment slides onto where the snack tray just was.  This is an easy process, just make sure the front seat is reclined back into the second position.  This ensures the car seat won’t be resting on the top of the seat (and probably breaking it).  The car seat should be facing you (the parent driver).  There is also a red safety strap, so make sure you clip that across.

I’m pretty lucky with this set up, a brand new beautiful baby, safely riding along, and a big 6 year old ready to do anything he needs.  She’s on constant pacifier, sock and blanket duty in this position… and she loves every bit of the independence this ride affords her.  It will be even more awesome when little man is a month and some older so he can ride in the seat!

joovy caboose too ultralight stand on tandem stroller

joovy caboose too review

It seems a double stroller ultimately means heavy, but that is not the case with the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight… hang onto that last word.  This stroller is actually extremely light.  The stroller, in “Stand-On” mode, weighs just over 21 pounds and in “2 Full-Seat” mode it is just over 23 pounds.  Impressive, and I’m here to tell you this guy is a delight to push, even at it’s heaviest with my notoriously heavy infant car seat and top of the weight limit daughter.  I feel comfortable making this my go-to stroller for excursions with both kids, anywhere.

Purchase the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller if you have two little ones close in age and want to travel around without breaking your back! It also won’t break the bank at $299.

Product was provided by Joovy to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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    Oh my gosh her hair is the cutest!!!

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    We just got this today! Can’t wait to try it out – great photos!

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