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bring some privacy to the potty {Ma Cacabane}

My daughter is a solo pottier at this point, and very private about it, I might add.  I open the door on her by accident from time to time, and she shrieks at me to get out (and don’t forget to close the door).  But when she was potty training, we had potties everywhere, including the living room.  There was no privacy at all during that period of time.  I didn’t love having potties in public but every book I read told me to put a seat in the common room, so I did.  Of course now that my daughter has way outgrown that stage, I find Ma Cacabane, a potty privacy protector.  French company, Pirouette Cacahouète has designed a cardboard hut of sorts to unfold around your little learner’s potty, creating an instant ladie’s room.  This toilet-tent is 100% recyclable (duh, cardboard) and comes in 7 pretty colors.  Not only the outside of the house is beautifully designed, but the inside as well, making toilet time a little more pleasant.  Give your child the secret throne he/she deserves.

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