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breathable sun protection for carseats {BabbaCo}

Babbaco Airy coverI’ve been on the hunt for the perfect car seat cover. Spring weather is here and as you all know, it gets hot out here in the desert. The problem is that most covers are made up of all material. To me, this means that there’s no air flow to the baby at all. While in colder areas, this is probably ideal, but out here, I want one that protects my baby from the sun, random strangers hands and also allows them to get fresh air. No one wants a sweaty, crabby baby! BabbaCo’s Airy Cotton cover has certified mosquito netting on the sides and SPF and UV protection of 40 – 50+ protection woven into the fabric in the front and back to protect your baby.

The BabbaCo Airy Cotton cover has a very handy opening so that you can grab the car seat handle easily. You’ll also find a handy window flap in the front, which allows you quick and easy access to your baby for small things like putting their pacifier back in their mouth or to just say hi. One of my other favorite ways to use this cover is in the car. The sun always seems to shine right inBabbaco Airy coverto the baby’s eyes. Those window shades don’t work well and using the awning on the car seats don’t allow me to peek in. Putting the BabbaCo Airy cover over the car seat gives her the right sun blockage that she needs while still allowing air flow. Plus her big sister can see her through the sides to tell me if she’s sleeping, awake, or perfectly content.

I dare you to try and find another cover that does all of these things and I also guarantee that you won’t find one! I know this because I’ve searched everywhere. I’ve even looked at making my own off of all the tutorials on pinterest, but again, those are all made up of material on all sides, not allowing the air to flow through the cover. PLUS those other covers don’t have the SPF that the Babbaco has in the fabric. Imagine that, your infant doesn’t even need sunblock, which isn’t good for them. Head over to BabbaCo to check out all the fabric options for the summer Airy Cotton or the other covers they have. They have one to suit all needs and climates.

Check out Jessica Kim, creator and founder of BabbaCo showing of the Airy cover. This was early on before the peek-a-boo window was added but shows how easy it is to use as well as the SPF inside the material.

Special thanks to BabbaCo for providing a sample for review.

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  1. Karen Meurett
    April 17, 2015 at 7:39 am — Reply

    does the netting on your babbaco airy cotton cover also have spf protection and if so what is the strength. Thank you

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