My Brave Year of Firsts {Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell}

brave year of firstsOne of the beautiful things about maternity leave is having power over the television. Living in a house with a five year old and a husband meant that first came Sponge Bob and second came sporting events. Alas, with the birth of our newest daughter, this means that the husband goes to work and the five year old goes to Kindergarten and mommy stays at home with the infant and control of the tv turner. In my sleep deprivation I had The View on the other day and Jamie Lee Curtis was on talking about her new book My Brave Year of Firsts. I was smitten with the message that the book had mostly because my five year old is going through A LOT of firsts. She started Kindergarten with homework, soccer, became a new big sister and lots of other things.

My Brave Year of Firsts goes through so many different firsts for the main character and shows that sometimes they are scary, sometimes fun, embarrassing, exciting and many other emotions that your children have to learn to deal with. With such huge new adventures that your children will come across as they grow up, they need to know that not everything ends the way we wish they would. Books like this help them understand that all of the other emotions and outcomes are normal and that everyone goes through them. This is such a wonderful book to add to your child’s book collection. Along with having a powerful message, the illustrations are fascinating. I found myself pausing on pages just taking in all of the fun pictures.

This book is actually another in series of nine other bestselling titles from Jamie and Laura. The series focuses on core issues in a child’s development like self-esteem, moods, feelings, imagination and unconditional love. Reading to and with your children should be a nightly routine you have together. It helps them learn to read faster and promotes their desire to seek further knowledge. Head over to Harper Collins for links on where you can purchase this book and several others. Time to start thinking about holiday gifts!!

Special thanks for the sample provided for review.

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