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at the bottom of rainbow pudding {St. Patrick’s Day}

…find a pot of gold!  For St. Patrick’s Day this year, we’re making little rainbow pudding cups to enjoy the day in a faux-sugary way.  I found this awesome recipe Via: Craft: and was smitten.  My daughter isn’t too keen on the tiny trickster leprechaun, and I can’t really blame her.  They can be a little creepy.  However, I’d still like to celebrate the day (her dad is Irish after all).  I love St. Patrick’s Day as it is a celebration not for green beer, but for the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who drove the snakes out of Ireland (and performed other miracles).  He also brought Christianity to the Irish, who were, at the time, pagans.  St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in America via Boston in 1737.

Obviously, the color green is a staple for the holiday, representing the lush green hillsides of Ireland, but more folklore is to be told.  Every great holiday must have a little magic, and St. Patrick’s Day is no slouch!  We all know what that leprechaun is guarding at the end of the rainbow…  While it may be difficult impossible to reach the end of a rainbow, we can bring one to the kitchen.  Craft: has a recipe to make your own pudding from scratch, but like the cheater I am, I’m using pre-made sugar free vanilla pudding.  Simply use food coloring (gel is best) to create ROY G. BIV puddings in separate bowls, pipe the colors in order, and you have a really fun snack for the the festive holiday.  To add a special treat, I’m adding gold coins to the bottom for my daughter to find!  Enjoy!


What festive snacks do you have planned?

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