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Boost SommeThere are a few things in my life that really relax me, one is reorganizing, another is cooking.  I do not enjoy long baths as I find them boring and restrictive.  However, beauty treatments are my number one relaxing task.  While I enjoy thorough exfoliation and deep moisturizing, masks of all sorts top the list.  So when Somme Institute wanted me to try their Boost gentle warming mask, I responded with a resounding yes.

Somme Institute is a trusted brand that I have had amazing results with.  My first time with Somme was during a review over a year back where I experienced their 5-Step Regimen.   Boost is a mask that you can add into the same 5-Step Regimen, or after your preferred cleansing.  Boost is designed to purify and nourish all skin types, even those with moderate skin conditions like acne, sun damage and rosacea.

The first noticeable part of the experience, and a good mask is an experience, is the warmth that comes immediately.  It is a comforting warmth that keeps me from washing this mask off in the recommended 7-10 minutes.  The next sense to take notice is the nose. It smells like having the best pumpkin pie ever smeared across your face.

Of course the best and most important part of this mask is it works.  It is a pleasant experience, but so is vacationing in the tropics with a cocktail before noon.  Only one of those will improve your skin’s overall texture, tone, and clarity and that is Boost by Somme.  Zeolite, a natural mineral warms the skin, opening your pores, which allows the Kaolin inside to remove excess oil, dirt and impurities.  The mask contains the same technology as the rest of the line called MDT5.  In addition to this vitamin and mineral packed delivery system, Somme included free radical fighting antioxidants and pumpkin enzymes.  The pumpkin enzymes promote cellular regeneration, making this mask pack a real punch.

I saw improvements after my first mask, my skin left with a smooth finish.  After the second mask I noticed a blemish had all but disappeared.  With continued use, fine lines and skin discoloration will improve as well.  My super sensitive skin was not irritated one bit, making this the absolute perfect warming mask for me (and everyone else).

Use this mask 1-3 times a week, daily if you wish.  Apply to your face and massage in gentle circular motions for a couple minutes.  Leave it on for 7-10 minutes and then remove with a warm towel.  To enhance the experience, apply this mask in a steamy room (after a shower works perfect).

 Somme provided a product to facilitate this review.

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