My Woodland Wish and Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight {book review}

Caspar Babypants has been providing fun music for my daughter (look for a new CD review coming soon) for some time now.  I was delighted to see that Caspar (musician, songwriter) joined up with wife Kate Endle (illustrator, Etsy store owner) to create a pair of really great books. She was already designing Caspar Babypants’ CD covers so I suppose it was the natural progression.

Caspar and Kate got together and brainstormed.  Kate spoke in rhymes while Caspar wrote and composed.  Coming from Caspar Babypants, of course there is a free MP3 tune to go along with each book.  The songs just happen to be the words/lyrics in the books, so feel free to read or sing along.  It is extremely engaging and your kids will be spellbound.

Casper Babypants books

Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight is a boardbook perfect for any grasping toddler’s hands.  The rhymes on each ‘page’ are well thought and adorable, pairing perfectly with the colorful illustrations.   Kate did a really beautiful job illustrating the book with bright contrasting colors and layered patterns.  They really draw in young eyes and keep them.  Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight is all about animals in different lights, be it the dawn light, firelight, or moonlight.  And in the end, “it’s time to turn off the light” making this the perfect bedtime read–a story and lullaby in one.

My Woodland Wish is a more sophisticated version coming in hardback with more complex lyrics.  It too focuses on kids’ favorite animals, this time focusing on the woodland creatures.  This book caters to an older crowd of children (3 & up) complete with inquisitive thoughts and light animal facts.  I would say the illustrations follow suit and also kick up a notch.  The colors are a little more muted, appropriate for the woodland theme, but do not skimp on the popping patterns.

Theses are two very unique books that every child’s bookshelf should hold.  Here is a golden opportunity to support independent artists!  To purchase, head to Kate Endle’s Etsy Shop.  Be sure to check out her other illustrations while you’re there.  Download the free MP3 from Caspar Babypants.  Published by Sasquatch Books.

Products were provided to facilitate this review.

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