a buddie to never leave baby’s grasp {Bommerscheim Buddies}

This holiday season, give your babies what they want, a lovable, huggable Bommerscheim Buddie.  Parents win too with the easy to wash covers, many colors and prints available for back-ups and even replacements.  Baby never needs to be without his favorite Buddie again.  A Bommerscheim Buddie was sent to my baby boy for review.

bommerscheim buddies review in_the_know_mom

My 9 month old son is funny with toys in that you never know what he will love, or what he will toss to the side, never to look at it again.  I thought only girls were picky!  So far, he really loves Woody from the Toy Story series, Cookie Monster and his Bommerscheim Buddie, and that is really it.  So particular…

bommerscheim buddies review in_the_know_mom

What is it about that one particular stuffed creature that we bond with?  Whatever it is, I saw it in my son’s eyes the first time I handed him his new Bommerscheim Buddie.  He was in his crib, settling in for naptime.  He made that raised eyebrow face that I love so so so much, studying the Buddie’s details, the unique embroidered face, the long ears (oh how he loves the ears) and the soft body.  Within minutes he had wrapped his arms around it and fallen asleep.  Now the Buddie is just part of his bedtime routine.  Sleep machine on, blinds pulled, tower fan blowing in, and his hands full of two things: an aqua blanket my mom knit and his Bommerscheim Buddie.  *heart melts*

bommerscheim buddies review in_the_know_mom

So let me back up.  This is not just some ordinary stuffed toy, one of those things always covered in baby drool and wet puff snacks… gross, I know, but babies are gross.  The Bommerscheim Buddie is a brilliant creature as the cover comes off easily and is machine washable.  Cleverly, the feet and tail details hide the velcro and opening end.

bommerscheim buddies review in_the_know_mom

You can buy separate covers so your little one is never without his new best bud.  Buy a matching cover and he will be none the wiser… or get another color/print and mix it up!  Sometimes Gabriel’s Buddie is grey and other times, a beautiful green.

bommerscheim buddies review in_the_know_mom

Know what else I adore about the Buddies?  They are made in Indiana (‘merica!) and are a family business, a new company with three generations of history.  Midwest sisters, Joan and Pat Bommerscheim hand-sewed sweet bunnies for their children, but with interchangeable covers.  These bunnies continued to be made as more babies came into the family, a tradition of heirloom toys.  Now they are graciously letting us all in on their legacy.

bommerscheim buddies review in_the_know_mom

There is something about these bunnies that feels… like home?  Mass-produced stuffed animals always have those cold, dead eyes, right?  No life to them.  No love in them.  I feel like the Bommerscheims put love into their Buddies, and that is what makes them so special.  I think Gabriel senses it to and that is why there was an instant bond.

Bommerschein Buddies review in_the_know_mom

Maybe it will be that one childhood toy that he takes when he goes away for college.  Maybe he will give it to his first child and it will stay in the family forever.  …or maybe I am too sentimental. = )

bommerschein buddies review in_the_know_mom

Purchase Bommerscheim Buddies online and don’t forget to grab an extra cover!  Buddies come in flannel and fleece (fleece is what I chose).  These baby BFFs are $19.99 and can be personalized for $10 more.  Also find matching blankies and Itty Bitty Buddies, a smaller version.

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Product was provided by Bommerscheim Sisters Company to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. November 6, 2013 at 1:43 pm — Reply

    Adorable! A personalized one would make an awesome gift!

  2. November 6, 2013 at 3:17 pm — Reply

    You had me at American made! We need to turn things around at home so buying here is one great way to start. And washable is so important, I used to put the whole animal in the wash!

  3. November 6, 2013 at 3:36 pm — Reply

    wonderful that you can wash it! We always had a ‘sick baby’ for my daughter. A cloth ‘doll’ that she could still keep in bed even if she was puking! You cannot throw a regular doll in the washing machine! This is adorable and I love the pics of your little one sleeping!

  4. November 6, 2013 at 6:12 pm — Reply

    That is such a cute buddy for a little one! Cuddly and adorable.

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