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bilingual sight words diving game {summer school}

This Bilingual Sight Words Diving Game and educational fun in the sun with Banana Boat is part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #BestSummerEver

Keeping the kids stimulated during the summer can be a tall order.  Not only are you fighting summer boredom, but you have the added pressure of stopping summer brain drain… you know, that huge backslide kids can experience while out of school.  Incorporating education with fun activities is smart, but it can be difficult to come up with new ideas.  Believe me, I know as a homeschool mom.

If you have ever taught a kid to read, you are very familiar with the term “sight words”.  Sight word games and activities are maybe one of the best tools for teaching kids to read.  I have a huge pin board filled with them and this diving game is the perfect summer addition.  You can tailor it to whatever reading level your child is at and it can also be great for spelling lists.  This summer, I am using it as a tool for my daughter’s bilingual studies.


Here in Southern California, you hear a lot of Spanish.  Many of my 8 year old’s friends speak Spanish so she has been wanting to master the language.  Learning a second language at a young age is super beneficial for brain development, so I am very on board to teach her.  She has Rosetta Stone to do most of the work – I’m just coming up with the fun activities like this bilingual sight word diving game.

All you need is:

diving sticks (I found these at 99 Cents Only)

white cardstock


clear packing tape

sight words pool game #bestsummerever

Cut paper pieces according to the size of your sticks, mine came out to approximately 1″ x 3″, and write your vocabulary words.  Seal the paper tightly with clear packing tape to keep water out.  That is it!

bilingual sight words game pool activity #bestsummerever

Toss them out into the water and provide your kid(s) with a scuba set to survey the pool floor.  They can get an idea for where words are so they don’t have to spend too much time underwater.

snorkel sight words pool game #bestsummerever

Savannah usually then snorkels a few laps because she is obsessed with snorkeling… this step is not necessary!


I yell out the word in English I want her to find in Spanish.  Modify this to your wishes – you could simply call out English sight words, you could call out synonyms, antonyms… the possibilities are endless!  I promise you, if you have a kid that loves to swim and dive, they will play this super educational game all day.

sight words diving game #bestsummerever

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For more super fun family activities, check out Banana Boat’s Facebook page!

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