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4 way zips on this bamboo wearble blanket {gunamuna}

gunamuna gunapod reviewSleep sacks are my favorite apparel items for babies as they offer comfort with room to grow.  With babies seeming to double in size at the drop of a hat, it can be hard to keep up.  A sleep sack offers you a little breathing room in the sizing department but, at times, can require a bit of maneuvering.  With Gunamuna’s Gunapod, you can zip and unzip to ultimate convenience, and now available in a bamboo/cotton blend, this wearable blanket is an absolute dream.

Bamboo is just one of those materials that we cannot get enough of.  I want it in my flooring, in my serving bowls and in my clothing.  The benefits are many, starting with the eco-friendly aspect of this highly sustainable plant.  Bamboo meets cotton in this wearable blanket creating a super soft, antibacterial, hypoallergenic fabric.  Bamboo also has temperature regulating properties as it traps warm air for the cooler climates, yet breathes and wicks moisture, making it perfect for warm weather as well.

Probably the best part (and most unique aspect) of the Gunapod is the WONDERZiP with 4 all round zip pulls.  The convenience factor is out of control, making changing diapers a breeze.  Speaking of breeze, the multiple zip options creates easy ways to cool baby down as well.  Let baby kick his legs free or just create a side air vent.  Believe me, this 4 way zip will become a lifesaver during those late night diaper changes.  Baby doesn’t even have to wake up for those.  With the zippers unzipped around and up the front, this wearable blanket lays flat.  This means you can lay a sleeping baby onto the Gunapod and zip it up around them.  Awesome.

Gunamuna’s Natural Collection features the big modern dots you see to the right.  These rad fabrics come in orange, pink and chocolate.  So refreshing when you come across newborn apparel that isn’t riddled with baseballs or yellow ducks.  I say newborn because that is where I am at, but the Gunapod is available in three sizes, small, medium and large, the large reaching 35 lbs.

The Gunapods are also available in two other collections, Classic and Party, both of which are of fleece.  You may decide to opt for these styles with the cooler weather here to stay for awhile, the Natural Collection being a more lightweight option, but living in southern California, the temperature-regulating bamboo option works great for me!

Product was provided by Gunamuna to facilitate this review.

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