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Can I just say, I love being a homeschool mom – and it took me a few years to get to this point.  Our method for successful homeschooling is a mix between virtual (online) school and roadschool.  Roadschool is just homeschool but with a huge emphasis on travel and exploration… and combined with virtual school which provides all lessons and materials, well I’d say we’ve found our sweet spot!

homeschool roadschool

roadschool homeschool camping

This year, with two kids in my classroom for the first time, I decided to really go for it.  I want our classroom to be outdoors as much as possible, around our hometown and beyond.  We do have ties to home like Savannah’s bi-weekly cheerleading practices (plus competitions and fundraisers) so we can’t go TOO far or for too long.  I’m okay with that because Savannah really loves her cheer squad and it’s important for homeschool kids to be a part of organized sports and clubs (IMO).

homeschool roadschool camping

When you homeschool, you are granted the luxury of staying home on the weekends (crowded) and traveling/visiting popular places on weekdays (not crowded).  This becomes a real gem of a detail for theme parks, beaches and campgrounds.  We waited out this past holiday weekend and then headed out on Tuesday for a camping trip in the mountains.  A few days in cooler weather was just what this desert family needed.  It’s so darn hot still down in the valley.

homeschool roadschool

After reading a few positive online reviews for Barton Flats Campground in Angelus Oaks, I decided that was the winner.  Off we went, car packed with lots of camping gear and one excited Husvar family.  The campground itself is amazing and I’ll share more details on that in the coming weeks.  We’re still here, having fun (yes I’m working from the tent!) so I’ll give you all the deets when we get back home.

homeschool camping

jenks lake

We may be having fun but – it’s still a school week!  No vacation days needed for this trip.  All we needed were the kids’ school books, art supplies, and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to my husband’s unlimited data.  After all, both of my kids are in virtual school programs they have to check into.

homeschool roadschool

As you can see above, the kids don’t get very far without their favorite snacks and drinks.  These things are their absolute favorites: cheese, meats, nuts, berries and croissants… guaranteed happy snackers. They also go wild for Sparkling Ice sparkling waters, which is why I always (and I mean always) keep them in stock at home and on the go.

homeschool roadschool camping

As a family, we don’t branch out far from our delicious (double filtered) tap water.  We like to keep things low calorie and naturally flavored.  On the go, especially when I want to keep the kids extra hydrated, Sparkling Ice is what I grab.  They come in 15 fruity flavors that give a fizzy pizzazz that the tap just can’t offer.  I’ll even fill up our camp water cooler with it and ice!  There’s a great way to get kids coming back to the campsite water station!

sparkling ice

You can find Sparkling Ice on Amazon or at your local retailer.

Check here to see where it is available near you!

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