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I can’t believe we’re already talking about back to school.  I’m not ready for summer to end but school time is fast approaching and it isn’t going to stop for me.  Supply lists are out, the sales are beginning and I’m busy buying trendy fall clothes for both kids.  Gymboree has long been a staple in my kiddos’ wardrobes and this year is no exception.  See what we picked out for this school year – thanks to Gymboree for sponsoring this post.

This year, I have two kids in school.  *tears*  My baby boy is no longer a baby, which makes me very sad.  He is so excited though and I do look forward to him learning new things.  Gabe is so ready to go.  He wears his Gymboree Monster Backpack around the house all day and talks about riding the “cool bus”.  I have big goals for him this year and I have a goal set for myself – try not to cry like every single day!

Gabriel is very into new clothes and also deciding what he is going to wear for the day.  I honestly think he cares more than his big sister ever did.  If he doesn’t like it, he’s not wearing it, so I have to consult him when I’m shopping.  Scrolling through Gymboree online, Gabe was definitely drawn to the cool tees.  He’s all about things that go, obsessed with planes, trains and automobiles.  This bright Fleet Tee is his favorite new wardrobe addition and I love it too.

It may be flaming hot here in Palm Springs, but the cooler weather will be here before we know it.  Those classrooms can get pretty cold too, so over his sweet plane tee we put the Multi-Stripe Shirt.  This nice button up shirt will surely get a lot of wear this year, especially since Gabe’s favorite colors are blue and yellow.

My favorite pants for Gabe are joggers.  This pair is a little big on him, but luckily the Gymboree Cargo Joggers feature a real drawstring.  Doesn’t it just stink when you get a pair with the fake drawstring?  Like, what’s the point of that?!  Joggers are the best pants for little kids because they stay above the shoes and therefore the bottoms don’t get wrecked.  Gabe wears joggers 90% of the time.

Those three items are all part of the Gymboree Sky Rider collection.  Another super cool collection is Monster Waves.  Gabe has a few pieces from this line, including the Tidal Tee that features a surfer on a wave.  Really cool shirt.

We paired the Tidal Tee with some soft Terry Joggers.  More joggers!  These loungy pants are so crazy soft and will be perfect for long days at school.  They feature a real, functional drawstring and also pockets, perfect for his found treasures.  Over the Tidal Tee goes the Surf Shirt.  This is one sweet button-up.

Of course Gymboree has all of the accessories you need as well from hat and sunnies to shoes and thick socks.

Savannah only recently has strong opinions on her clothing.  It used to be she would just wear whatever was clean and I could choose everything when shopping.  She’s almost outgrown Gymboree clothing, but luckily still has a year or two left!  When we were shopping online, she went right to the new Cosmic Club collection.

I’m kind of in love with this Twofer Dress in Comet Coral.  It is super soft, girly but sweet and has sequin details on the pocket.  Savannah could probably live in this adorable dress.

To keep her legs nice and warm, she also chose a pair of silver, glittery tights.  For her arms, a navy blue glittery cardigan.  Glitter is everything when you’re 10!

Gymboree does a really great job of providing complementary accessories.  Accessories are the best part of any outfit, at least I think so.  Can we just talk about this amazing purse and how jealous I am?!  This straw tassel purse is so pretty and so cool.  It’s just the right size for her and is right on trend with its colorful tassels.

No outfit is complete without a sassy pair of sunnies and I just adore these Floral Sunglasses from the Island Girl collection at Gymboree.  As a desert resident, this girl can never have too many sunglasses.  They have always been my favorite accessory as well – smart girl!

With a preschooler and a 5th grader, the school year goals are big.  For Gabe, my hopes for him this year is a big improvement in his speech.  He struggles with his apraxia and it’s so frustrating for him to not be able to communicate.  I hope he makes new friends, learns a lot and makes huge strides with his speech.  For Savannah, I know most of her personal goals are focused around cheerleading, which runs the course of the school year.  She wants to achieve a back walkover and win a personal jump competition.  My goals for her revolve around reading, specifically increased leisure reading.

I also have school year goals for myself.  One, don’t cry myself to sleep thinking about how old the kids are getting.  Two, don’t let myself overschedule the kids and make family time a priority.  What are your goals this year?  Wherever your kids are on their educational journey, dressing stylish is always a goal.  Mom’s wardrobe goals are generally more practical – find durable, high quality key pieces that mix/match and last all season.  Gymboree is sure to satisfy both kid and mom goals!  Head to Gymboree and shop the back to school sales.


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