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Baby Food On-The-Go Gone Green {Little Green Pouch}

little green pouch Homemade baby food is the way to go, and we will always support that.  But how convenient are those little premade food-filled pouches when you are running errands?  Luckily, there are a few organic options out there, but there is still the question of waste.  Have the best of both worlds with The Little Green Pouch, a reusable food pouch, a more responsible approach to on-the-go feedings.

The upsides to pouches are many.  They take away the need for a spoon, a bowl, a bib, and an inevitable mess. The nozzle is easy to eat from, and the squeezing motion occupies little hands. They are great for the diaper bag, an appropriate meal for any place, but most importantly, kids will gobble up vegetables and fruits they might not love normally.  Out of sight, out of mind.  There are downsides, however, like the waste produced and the added expense.  Generally, you have to pay more for convenience, and the environment pays as well.

The Little Green Pouch is a reusable food pouch that can be filled, sealed, washed and reused.  A master of convenience, this pouch is dishwasher and freezer safe.  So when you make that big batch of puree, fill up a few pouches and pop them into the freezer.  You can defrost them later or use them as freezer packs in lunch boxes.  Yes, these pouches are big enough for older kids to use for lunch, think applesauce or smoothie!  Love that. BPA and phthalate free, the Little Green Pouch is not only an eco-friendly choice, but also a safe one for your little ones.

The two ladies behind Little Green Pouch, Maggie and Melissa, apparently had no idea how wildly successful this product would be as they sold out within a couple weeks.  Clearly this little pouch is filling a great need in the baby food industry, I for one, am exceptionally excited about the product.  Get on the homemade baby food train.  If you are feeling uninspired, check out some of the cookbooks we have featured here on ITKM, or reference the recipes shared on Little Green Pouch’s website.  Use your Little Green Pouches to house your fruit/vegetable blends, sold 4 to a pack for just $14.99.

Product was provided by Little Green Pouch to facilitate this review.

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