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An Awesome Book {Dallas Clayton}

An Awesome BookI  just found one of my favorite children’s books. An Awesome Book that’s written and illustrated by Dallas Clayton is absolutely magical! This book is about dreaming big. It encourages you and your child to dream the impossible, where up is down and cars run on jelly beans instead of gas. To not be ordinary, but to be extraordinary. Dreams are where some of the most amazing things are created and this is our chance to do just that. He talks about how some people dream about matching silverware and boring things. When we could be dreaming up things you’d find from Willy Wonka’s factory or Wonderland. Ironically two of my favorite movies. So I guess it makes sense that I adore this book. His illustrations are absolutely fascinating and will just completely engulf your child and stimulate them.

This book has become a staple in my daughter’s choice of her three books before bedtime. She loves looking at the pictures, especially before she goes to bed. It’s absolutely inspiring to her. After we’re done reading it, she tells us what she’s going to dream about. It’s always something that she’s seen from the book, like the rock-powered unicorns.

What’s even more touching is that this book was originally written just for his son, to encourage him to always keep dreaming and dream big when he does. So many others have been moved by this magical book, just like I have been. This is a definite must have book for every child. We absolutely adore it. I promise you that this book will live up to everything I’ve said and more. Head over to Harper Collins to read more about the book, Dallas Clayton or to see where you can purchase it from.

An Awesome Book

Special thanks to Harper Collins for providing a sample for review.

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