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I don’t know about you but when the heat kicks in I find it very hard to eat alot for dinner. So it’s little meals like this that keep me going through those sweltering evenings. And on top of being light and tasty, this dish is also quick which makes

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  Key Lime Pie has been on my mind for quite some time – since my last visit to Miami to be precise. I finally got to try it last weekend when my daughters had specified that we make a cheese cake for Mothers Day. And yes, I know it is

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fattoush recipe
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Today I decided to whip up a fairly simple salad. According to Wikipedia, Fattoush is a Levantine bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with seasonal produce (usually tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes), mixed greens and herbs. The mixed green component is made up of Romaine lettuce

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I used to make alot of carrot cakes (a good 20 years ago at least) and I tried many different versions to get the right texture and flavour. It came down to grated carrot versus cooked carrot and I must say that cooked carrot won hands down. I also tried

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Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
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It is National Upside-Down Pineapple Day and I dug this recipe out of my archives. The desire to make this cake came whilst I was watching one of my favourite TV shows – Desperate Housewives. For those of you that know the character Bree, she is a phenomonal cook and

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Hot Cross Lady

Up until now every Easter has been the same. Me, getting up at the crack of dawn to make Hot Cross Buns – pummelling my way through a truckload of dough, making awkward looking crosses, ceremoniously taking them out of the oven and calling to everyone ‘eat them while their

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Sesame Prawn Toast

There are two types of Chinese food in my world; good & greasy and then there is exotic – each has a time and place. I have been lucky enough to find a chef that does both incredibly well and her name is Kylie Kwong. Kylie runs a restaurant in

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Swiss CHard Tart with Goats Cheese

The other day some one asked me what my favourite recipes were – amongst my list of about 20 was the Hazelnut & Brown Butter Cake, created by Suzanne Goin. It prompted me to open up her book, Sunday Suppers at Luques, to find something else to treat my taste

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holidayrecipesSt. Patrick's Day

I have a fraction of Irish blood in me so I always feel like I should celebrate St Patricks day in some small way. I have never been one to partake in an all day pub crawl, wear a crazy leprechaun hat or drink green coffee (Starbucks – you have alot to answer

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Goats Cheese & Tomato
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There is almost nothing better than getting home from a night out and having a late night supper to finish off the evening. A little amuse bouche; some freshly shucked oysters, foie gras on some toast or something quickly whipped up in your kitchen to have with a cheeky glass of

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