Augie to Zebra: An Alphabet Book {Kate Endle & Caspar Babypants}

alphabet book caspar babypantsThere is something so irresistibly classic about an alphabet book.  Simple in theory but can have a profound effect on early literacy — especially if you include unique poetry such as in Augie to Zebra.  We are tired of hearing the old “A is for Apple, B is for Ball”.  Wouldn’t you much rather repeat “Kokimo Kicks with the Kangaroo” and “Pasquale Paints with the Panda”?  Of course you would, and your child will love you for it.

I’m here to share Caspar Babypants with you as often as I can from his music to new books.  In fact, I was just earlier this year talking about My Woodland Wish and Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight, collaborations between Caspar and his talented wife, Kate Endle.  The artistic duo is back again with a new release, Augie to Zebra.  Not surprisingly, it isn’t your boring alphabet book from the dark ages of childhood.  Instead, this children’s book is bright, cheery and full of beautiful alliterations.  Each letter comes paired with a simple sentence — a child’s name (Eliza), and activity (Educates), and an animal (the Elephant).  Not only can this book help familiarize young ones with the letters of the alphabet, but also with short sentence structures and individual letter sounds. I know my daughter really responds to the repetition of alliterative phrases.

Kate Endle completes yet another beautiful job of illustrating with her color and texture collage technique.  The pages are vibrant and pair well with the charming animal tales.  As with the previous books, Caspar puts his musical genius to work offering a corresponding mp3 to download and play along with the book.  Repeating is boring but singing along is fun — not to mention catchy.  My daughter has been spouting of pieces of Augie to Zebra in her sing-song voice for days.

Purchase your own copy of Augie to Zebra: An Alphabet Book from Amazon and don’t forget to download your free mp3.  Visit Caspar Babypants for more little gems and Kate Endle’s Etsy shop.


 Product was provdied by Sasquatch Books to facilitate this review.

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