saving kids artwork from the recycling bin {Artkive App}

Forget that insanely guilty feeling you get while tossing out stacks of your kids’ artwork.  I know, there just isn’t enough room for it all to make the fridge, or even the storage.  We all want to keep every bit of our kids’ brilliant doodles, sketches and unidentifiable blobs but there just isn’t a way… or is there an app for that?  Of course there is.  Artkive takes drawings or other schoolwork your child creates and saves them for you via image.  Keep it all chronologically categorized by date and grade (for all kids). Then, have that same art printed onto a variety of items: mugs, journals, etc.  How perfect a gift is that for this upcoming holiday season (or mother’s/father’s/grandparent’s day)?  Now you can afford to be picky about which colorful masterpiece is saved in hard copy.


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