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a cleaner shower {Aquasana Shower Filter} + giveaway

aquasana shower filter review and giveawayWhen spending a day at the pool, ending it with a shower is no brainer, right?  Got to wash away that pesky chlorine from our hair  and skin, not to mention our kids’ hair and skin, right?  Not so fast.  Many of us use some method to filter chlorine from our drinking water.  Well, it recently dawned on me that we shower and bathe our children in that same chlorinated water… gross!   How clean are we really, when we are rinsing ourselves in chemicals?

My research began.  It was obvious that chemical showers would have a drying effect on skin and hair, but I hadn’t even thought of the vapors!   Eerily, not as much research has been done by our government on this toxic gas, so eagerly pumped into our water supply.  The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not even classified chlorine as to its human carcinogenicity.  Click here for the ATSDR fact sheet.

Municipal water has only been chlorinated since the 1930’s – how much can we possibly know about long term effects?     “Exposure to low levels of chlorine can result in nose, throat, and eye irritation.  At higher levels, breathing chlorine gas may result in changes in breathing rate and coughing, and damage to the lungs.  In general, people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as allergies or hay fever, or who are heavy smokers, tend to experience more severe effects than healthy subjects or nonsmokers.”  This tidbit from the ATSDR fact sheet was enough to make me seek out a filter system.

My search ended happily – founded in 1999, Aquasana started making filters for a good reason.  Founder Charles Strand’s infant son had a respiratory sensitivity to undetected chlorine in their water supply.  After trying many products, he fashioned a home made charcoal filter and thus Aquasana was born.  Shower filters are not their only products, there are also countertop and under the counter drinking water filters and whole house filtration systems in their line of products.

Maybe it’s psychosomatic, but during the first use, my water actually felt softer.  Even so, as a parent, a little peace of mind goes a loooong way! Kids too young to shower?  Not a problem – I just leave the hose attachment hanging to fill up a chlorine free bath; takes a bit longer, but it is so worth the wait.  The girls giggle when I squirt them down with the attachment which makes for really easy, no-fuss hair washing.  Added bonus!

Both my daughters and I have very sensitive  skin with a tendency toward dryness; after using the Aquasana filter for just a week, our noticed that is less of an issue.  Our hair feels and looks healthier already and most importantly, our lungs and open pores are not being subjected to harsh fumes.  I wish I’d thought of this sooner, but the timing is great – with record setting heat in 50 states this summer, we’re all spending more time in the bath!

Filter cartridges need replacement every six months or 500 gallons.  With Aquasana’s Water for Life program, you’ll automatically receive a delivery every six months along with free shipping and a 20% product discount!  Sign me up!  All products are available directly through the company’s website.


The generous folks at Aquasana are giving away one shower filter system with a handheld wand attachment, a $100 value!

Just comment here about something you’ve learned from Aquasana’s website.

 In addition, our readers will receive a 20% discount on Aquasana’s products by simply entering the coupon code “ITKM Review” at checkout!

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Contest ends August 18, 2011 at Midnight PST. Winner will be chosen by and emailed.

Special thanks to Aquasana for providing samples for review.

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