AnimaLamp by Mobi {Lights for Nights}

Mobi’s new AnimaLamp is the perfect solution for little late-night readers.  Put away the flashlight and set up the AnimaLamp, which comes in Monkey, Giraffe and Bunny.  This little light illuminates full pages with its cool-running LED lights on a rechargeable battery.  So grab a few books, pull up the sheets and get in a couple more bedtime stories.

While I cannot get over the adorable sight of my daughter sneaking a read in the dark with her AnimaLamp, it does have other uses.  Try the AnimaLamp for nighttime diaper changes and feedings.  The beauty of these lamps is they fit into any nursery or kids room.  Folded down the lights look like cute decor.  Easily pull the head up to reveal a ring of LED lights that brighten a nice sized area.  One button to push on and off…let’s not make it more complicated than it should be.  There is a built-in rechargeable battery to make the AnimaLamp eco and user-friendly.  Since it is wireless, you can tote it around the house and beyond.  My daughter loves to carry hers with her to the bathroom at night to light her path.  Another great use is in the car.  If you are traveling at night with an awake child the AnimaLamp will keep them quietly reading or playing in light.  A fully charged battery will give you 8-12 hours of light, which is quite impressive.  Holding your finger lightly on the on/off button will dim and brighten the light as well — great feature to accommodate your needs.

Mobi AnimaLamp

Mobi AnimaLamp

The AnimaLamp has won prestigious awards such as Mom’s Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold and National Parenting Center Seal of Approval awards.  Perhaps most importantly, it passed the ultimate test of a 5 year old.  Purchase your MOBI Tykelights AnimaLamp in monkey, giraffe or bunny.  Stay in the know by following Mobi on Facebook.

Product was provided by Mobi to facilitate this review.

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