anatomy of a perfect Father’s Day steak dinner

Father’s Day is upon us and if you’re like me, you’re wondering what to get for the fathers in your life.  Forget the neckties and colognes, this year give the fathers in your life what they really want – premium steak.

The only thing my husband, father of my children, likes more than a juicy steak is TWO juicy steaks.  With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I decided to plan out the PERFECT Father’s Day steak dinner, special thanks to Kansas Steak Company for sponsoring this post.

Cooking at home has always been something my husband and I both enjoy.  We like to cook for each other and also cook together.  We’ve settled into certain roles: me working on the sides and he taking care of the protein.  Over the years Neil has dialed in his steak technique and I really look forward to our steak nights.

While he’s seasoning, searing and resting his filet mignons to perfection, I’m prepping and preparing the veggies.  For this Father’s Day steak dinner, I knew we needed a potato. Not just any potato, a hasselback potato.  Don’t you just love these?

A high quality steak doesn’t need much.  I like to keep it super simple with basic seasonings, hit it with a bit of butter in the pan along with some fresh time… oh yes!  I kept the hasselback potatoes just as simple.  When they came out of the oven, I rubbed butter all over, making sure it sank into the crevices, topped with more butter and chopped thyme.

Another classic steak companion is creamed spinach.  We eat so much creamed spinach in our house; it’s definitely a favorite.  I like to buy large amounts of spinach when I find it looking fab (and on sale) and freeze it.  Freezing fresh yourself is so much better than buying it already frozen.  Quality is everything when you’re keeping flavors simple.

Okay, this mix isn’t just spinach.  It also has baby kale and possibly some other greens, so let’s call this side “creamed greens”.  To prepare, I simply wilted them in a pan over low heat and then turned it up to saute a bit in butter.  I mixed in Greek cream cheese (that’s my favorite) seasonings and parmesan cheese.  So good, even better with a bite of steak.

Your steak dinner this Father’s Day will only be as good as your steaks.  Quality is everything.  KC Steak Company takes you to the heart of Kansas City, where the bar for great steaks is high. Established on a standard of quality, Kansas City Steak Company has been providing gourmet steaks and other top-of-the-line beef cuts since 1932.

Show the fathers in your life that you fully support their love for steaks by sending them right to their doorstep.  KC Steak Co. has awesome gift options like the KC Signature Gift Boxed Steak Combo, which is 4 Super-Trimmed Boneless Ribeye Steaks, 4 Filet Mignon and 4 Kansas City Strip Steaks.  Dad will be IN the steaks!

Perhaps best of all, with the gift of steaks you receive the KC Steak Co. seasoning packets.  I’ve honestly never tried a steak seasoning before.  Like I mentioned earlier, I like to keep it simple, but I’ve been missing out.  This seasoning blend compliments high quality steak so well – the end result being the tastiest steak one could prepare at home.

Looking for a new way to do Father’s Day steak dinner?  Check out the Kansas City Steak Book that comes with your steaks!

At just $65, the Welcome to KC Sampler Combo is a perfect gift for all steak-loving fathers.  In this combo, they will get 4 Butter-tender Super-Trimmed Filet Mignon and 4 Kansas City Strip Steaks.  Can’t miss with that!

A simple click online – save 15% with code INTHEFD17 – and you get hand-trimmed USDA beef, aged up to 28 days, packed full of flavor, right on your doorstep.  What father wouldn’t love that? With your steaks comes a packet of cooking tips, instructions and recipes to guide you to the ultimate Kansas City Steak Experience.

ORDER by June 13th to receive steaks by Father’s Day (June 18th)

Happy Father’s Day!


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