analog learning in a digital world {anaPad}

This house is run by Apple these days.  While my daughter has many interests outside of the iWorld, there is a special place in her heart for Angry Birds Rio.  I can easily justify her time spent in iWorld with a couple dozen learning apps.  In many ways, the iPad has been a private home tutor for my daughter (and a way for mom to get a moment’s peace).   When I came across TwigCreative’s anaPad, I was absolutely tickled.   This beautiful wooden creation comes with the standard apps we’ve all come to know (in magnet form).  The magnetic board doubles as a dry erase area for your little one to make her own fun.  This handmade toy inspires creativity and I  can already see my daughter drawing her own Angry Birds scenario.   Purchase your own from TwigCreative for a price tag that won’t make you gasp of $35.

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