a sustainable, humane algae-based Omega-3 supplement

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Fish eat krill, krill eat algae – and this is why fish oil contains Omega-3s. Skip the middle man (err middle fish) and go straight to the source! With iWi algae oil, you get a higher absorption rate than fish oil, meaning a bigger nutritional impact on your body, and a lower impact on the environment. The fish farming industry is interfering with the delicate ecosystem of the ocean so if we can skip the fish and go straight to the source of Omega 3: algae, shouldn’t we?

health benefits of Omega-3 algae oil

brain function and eye health

Since your brain is mostly made of fat, and it functions especially well with high levels of DHA, Omega-3s are essential for brain health and function.

cardiovascular health

Algae oil helps regulate heartbeat, reduce blood pressure, decrease blood clot formation and reduce overall inflammation. This means a decrease in risk of heart attacks and strokes. Algae oil also helps reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

joint health/reduces inflammation

Since algae oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves symptoms of arthritis (and other painful joint conditions) and inflammatory bowel diseases. Inflammation is really the root of most diseases, so an all around natural anti-inflammatory is important for everyone.

improves memory and mood

Studies have shown that higher intakes of omega-3 oils significantly reduces the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease as well as vascular dementia.  Algae oil has also been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression – a natural mood elevator!

The bottom line is using fish for their oil is not a sustainable practice and it has a major impact on marine wildlife. Whether you are vegan or not, algae oil is not only a bioequivalent alternative, but a better choice altogether. Studies have predicted that if the fish industry continues the way it is going, there will be a complete collapse of world fish populations by 2048.

That’s a scary thought and a very near number, isn’t it? My daughter will be just 41, my son 35. What kind of world are we going to leave behind for our children? 75% of the world’s marine fish stocks are either depleted, overexploited or being fished at their biological limit. It’s now or never. With fish oil, you also run the risk of contaminants and toxins like mercury and even peroxides when fish oil spoils.

iWi Omega-3

Not all algae oil is created equal. iWi Omega-3 products are AlmegaPL, their unique form of algae, which contains the phospholipids and glycolipids the human body needs to absorb the most Omega-3 from each dose. It’s also packed with high levels of EPA, chlorophyll, Omega-7, carotenoids and other antioxidants. Sourced from our their own (desert!) farms, they believe it’s the best Omega-3 anywhere in the world.

Algae in the desert?? Yep!

iWi has taken non-arable land (unusable for farming), brackish water and sunshine to create a sustainable and scalable source of Omega-3s. Isn’t it incredible to think of algae farming in the desert?

iWi is pioneering a new approach to sustainable food cultivation. This algae-based nutrition company has big plans. Their focus today is on supplements and will soon add protein powder, high protein snacks, protein bars, drinks, and alternative meats and fish. I’m excited for their future and can’t wait to try what they create next.

Let’s do what we can to nourish our bodies while still protecting the planet!

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