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It is the season of giving and time is ticking to check everyone off your holiday list. I don’t have much trouble making an extensive list of gift possibilities for my kiddos; it is everyone else that I struggle with. Adults can be hard to shop for, especially those who seem to not need anything or those whom I don’t know very well (hello White Elephant gifts!). If you’re hunting for one gift you can give to just about ANYONE, I have it – it’s Tile, the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker.

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Raise your hand if you have trouble remembering where you last left the car keys. Oh, here they are – no the OTHER car keys.  What about your cell phone or wallet? Yeah, it’s pretty much everyone. That’s why everyone can use a Tile this Christmas.

Tile bluetooth tracker for lost keys

My husband has ADHD so it goes without saying that he needs a Tile on just about everything. He’s getting a three pack from me. There are lots of others in my life who a Tile will be perfect for as well from my daughter’s cheer coach to our mailman. Who could use a Tile in your life? Think beyond keys… a Tile can track whatever you need to find from a parked bike or skis to a child’s beloved toy.

Tile bluetooth tracker

Another great used for Tile, particularly this time of year, is on luggage, backpacks and purses. Holiday travels have already begun – don’t lose anything on your adventures! Put a Tile on it.

Tile Bluetooth tracker for luggage

how does the Tile app work?

Simply attach the Tile to whatever you don’t want to lose. Download the Tile App, activate your Tile and now you can keep track of your most important things. With the touch of “Find” your Tile will alert you of its location.

Tile Bluetooth tracker for luggage

With more than 10 million Tiles sold and over 2 million items located every day, Tile is a powerful community ready to keep those things that matter most safe. You also have the option to keep your Tile app running in the background and it will remember the last place and time you had your item. In this hectic world (especially during the holiday season) we could all use a little help remembering where we last left our keys, our wallet, our purse, our luggage or something else.

Give a gift that won’t be exchanged – give a Tile!

Tile is affordable – perfect for friends and gift exchanges.  They are less than $20 each when you buy a 4-pack or $25 each. Visit the Tile holiday gift guide to find the Tile that works best for your friends and family.

Tile Bluetooth tracker for keys

give the gift of finding this season with Tile

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