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7 places to hydrate when camping

This past week my family and I spent quite some time exploring Yosemite and Inyo National Forest.  We couldn’t wait to escape the stifling desert heat and head north.  As the hours passed and the miles were logged, we also climbed in elevation.  When we passed a sign for 9,000 ft, I knew altitude sickness might be ahead for us.  The best thing you can do to prevent altitude sickness is to stay hydrated, so I brought ALL of the Sparkling Ice.  Here are 7 places you need to hydrate on your camping trip:

at the campsite

Your campsite is the best place to fuel up and thoroughly hydrate your body.  We chose a campsite by Silver Lake and I was surprised to see it had absolutely no shade.  I was thinking the whole campground would be covered in trees, but I was wrong.  We needed extra hydration while that summer sun was out.

on a hike

Across from our campsite was the Rush Creek trailhead, which is a rather challenging trail for kids and dogs.  It is completely exposed for the first couple of miles and takes you to an even higher elevation.  Hydration was super key to getting us all to our destination.  Once we reached Horsetail Falls, we realized our efforts had been beyond worth it.  With the super wet winter we had last year, the waterfalls were bursting off of the mountain – the most water they’ve seen in 50 years!

by the lake

This area of California is absolutely covered in lakes.  As desert dwellers, the appreciation of their beauty and cooling relief was not lost on us.  Outside on the lake, you’re exposed so make sure to bring enough refreshing beverages to keep hydrated.

at the fishing hole

My kids are now suddenly very into fishing, which I think is pretty cool.  Our campsite was a stone’s throw from stunning Silver Lake, which is choc full of fish.  The shore closest to us had these awesome little fishing nooks.  They were shaded so it was the perfect place to hide out from the afternoon sun and fish for dinner.  Don’t forget the Sparkling Ice!

watching the wildlife

While we stayed pretty busy during our week in June Lake, just walking around the campsite there was a ton to see.  A doe and her three baby deer currently live in the camp and just wander around – so, so cute.  There was also a mama bear and her cubs, which I’m happy to report I did NOT see.  The sky was full of birds as well – a great spot to bring your binoculars.

doing the tourist thing

We were just about 25 minutes from Tioga Pass Rd, the eastern entrance into Yosemite National Park.  We ventured into the park two days and hit some of the tourist spots like Olmstead Point, which has an incredible view from Tenaya Lake to Half Dome.

We also spent a lot of time in Tuolumne Meadows and by Tuolumne River.

on a day trip

When we drove into town, I knew one day I definitely wanted to head to Mono Lake.  Mono Lake is one of the oldest lakes in the Western Hemisphere and features a very unique landscape of limestone tufa towers.  It is a fabulous lake to just sit beside or kayak across, but it is exposed so hydration is key!

I couldn’t get enough of the fresh, freezing water fresh from the mountains this past week.  It was amazing to have a tap right by our campsite!  On the go though, I packed plenty of Sparkling Ice, which is always a big hit with everyone in my family.  These fizzy flavored waters come in 15 different flavors.  I purchased mine online from Amazon and stocked up on additional ones before our trip locally.

Sparkling Ice is awesome on the go: in the car, at camp and off on any adventure your family is taking.  They are also perfect for entertaining at home – super fabulous in cocktails and mocktails.  They bring the fizz to the party and the pool!

where will you take your Sparkling Ice?


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