6 tips for bringing a new kitten home


The other day I was at a pet store picking up some crickets and worms for our bearded dragon, Diggs.  Well, wouldn’t you know, it was adoption week and a local cat rescue was set up at the front door.  The kids have been asking for a kitten and I’m a cat lady (without a cat) and 35 minutes later, I had two kittens.  Just in time for Halloween, we have an orange cat, Jake, and a black cat, Marceline.  If your kids watch Adventure Time, You’ll get the reference.  Some kids get bunnies for Easter, we get kittens for Halloween!

tips for new kittens

Anyway, we’ve had these cuties for 2 weeks now and they have been a perfect addition to our family.  After the recent loss of our dog this weekend (that’s another post) I am very grateful they are here, showering us with affection and distracting us from our sadness.

Jake and Marceline are super playful kitties who want nothing more than a good toy and a long cuddle.  The four of us bonded with them right away and I can tell we will all live a long happy life together. <3  After 2 weeks with kittens, I wanted to share tips I’ve learned from the rescue, the vet and our experiences in home.

purchase gear before you adopt

If you plan on adopting a kitten, it is best to purchase everything on your supply list before the kitten comes home.  A new kitten needs a steady routine and a safe spot with all of its needs met.  Supply list: cat carrier, cat bed, food and water, litter box and scoop, toys and scratching post, grooming supplies.  For items you’ll need to replace on a regular basis like food and litter, setting up Amazon Subscribe and Save is a great idea.

tips for bringing a new kitten home

kitten proof your home

Kittens are mighty cute but they are also curious as hell!  Before letting them loose in your home, walk around and do a visual check.  This check is basically the same for baby proofing.  Pick up any small objects, cords (especially phone cords and blind cords) or strings that may look like toys to kittens.  Double check to see if any house plants are poisonous to cats.  Close all cabinets, toilet lids, trashcans and the dryer door… anywhere a kitten could become trapped.  Add in scratching posts and trees to deter furniture scratching.

tips for taking care of kittens

give them space

When the kittens first come home, don’t overwhelm them with other pets, small children and a big house.  Put all of their needs (bed, food, water, litter box) in a room and close the door.  By all means, come in and play with the kittens, but don’t over-handle them while they acclimate to their new environment.  *Monitor kids under 5 closely*

tips for a new kitten

provide entertainment

Kittens are super playful and need a way to entertain themselves.  Provide them with safe cat toys so that they don’t improvise with your possessions.  Cat homes and towers are a great idea and don’t forget fun toys to interact with (laser pointers, teaser wands, even fidget spinners).  If you can adopt two kittens together, they will have a playtime partner to pounce on and most of their energy will be focused on each other.

tips for new kittens in the home

give them a cozy spot

Kittens are creatures of habit and they love soft, cozy spots.  Give them their own safe spots to nap, away from the central space that is noisy with electronics and kids.  Cat beds and domes are great but a simple folded blanket also will do.

bonding with kittens

specially formulated kitten food

Kittens need tons of protein and nutrients as they are growing exponentially.  A high quality kitten food is crucial to their development and longevity of life.  Unlike adult cats, kittens will eat only as much food as they need, so free-feeding of dry kitten food is fine.  Supplementing with wet food adds more nutrition and additional hydration.

food kittens need

A constant theme of my posts is how busy we are (how busy all parents are) and sometimes it feels like pets can’t fit into that.  I’m a working homeschool mom trying to balance too much and one thing that keeps it all working is Amazon Subscribe and Save.  For those things you buy regularly, it’s just easier to set up an automatic reorder.  For the kittens, I order Hill’s Science Diet dry kitten food.

science diet kitten food

hill's science diet kitten food

Your kitten’s first year is so important, not only as a time of family bonding, but of rapid growth.  Start off on the right paw with specially formulated kitten food containing DHA, vitamins and antioxidants.  Hill’s Pet Nutrition is committed to enriching and lengthening the bond between humans and their animals.  Their food provides the perfect balance of essential nutrients – for every stage in your cat’s life or a special need.

science diet kitten dry food

Science Diet is vet’s #1 choice to feed their own pets, which is the only recommendation I need (plus my own pet’s approval).  We used Science Diet dog foods with our dog, Chloe, so when Jake and Marceline came into our lives, it was a no brainer to continue on with Science Diet.  Science Diet cat food supports a healthy, gentle digestion for easy litter box clean-ups from natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  You won’t find artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in these cat foods, plus they offer 100 % satisfaction or your money back.

amazon subscribe and save

Keeping your kittens happy and healthy is easier than ever with Amazon Subscribe and Save.  Cut out the driving times and traffic with free regular deliveries at a frequency of your choice – never run out!  We can all use a savings, and that’s just what you get with Amazon Subscribe and Save — SAVE up to 15% each time!

amazon subscribe and save for pets

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