6 tips: a guest-ready home for the holidays

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We’re already about a week into December and visitors are on their way! Is your house guest-ready? Preparing the home for guests always brings me anxiety and so I begin prepping for their arrival way ahead of time. Different guests may require different preparations but these key tips work for everyone all holiday season long. Welcome your guests with holiday spirit of a happy home!

hide the clutter

Streamline your home and remove clutter to clear more open spaces for extra people. This goes double for the guest room. Our guest room is famous for collecting “I’ll get to that later” projects and “I don’t want to look at this” boxes, so I always have to do a thorough cleansing during guest seasons.

light up the way

Sure, you can manage your way through the dark to the bathroom but your guests may not. Add night lights to the hallways, bathrooms and guest room if there already isn’t one there.

obtain amenities

I always like to have everything I can think a guest might need on hand. Before anyone comes to our house, I make sure the bathroom is stocked with shower products, extra toothbrushes and sunscreen. I also put out extra toilet paper, air freshener, etc. If you have guests with kids coming, there are extra products they might need as well.

consider gifting

It is the holiday season, so consider being the ultimate host by putting out small gifts for guests. You don’t need to spend much to be a gracious host. Guests will be delighted just that you thought of them this holiday season. A $5 gift in a festive box will make guests feel welcome in your home.

how to prepare your home for the holidays tips

bring out extra seating

More people means more butts, which means more seats. When guests are coming, I pull out an extra bar stool, two dining chairs I often tuck away and floor bean bags for the living room. Make your home inviting and comfortable; it’s key to your guests’ positive experience!

decorate everything!

It IS the holiday season so shows your festive spirit by decorating your home.  Key places to focus on – guestroom (duh), front door/entryway, common rooms and the dining table. Don’t forget to add a few festive touches to the guest bath.

make it smell fresh

While arriving guests may first notice your outside decorations, the first sense to be hit upon entering any home is smell. I believe a home’s smell sets the tone of the guests’ stay. Think about it. What kind of mood does baking cookies put you in vs. a dirty litter box scent? Right?

Febreze ONE holidays

To keep my home smelling fresh, I always have Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist on hand. I keep one in each bathroom, one on the guest bedroom nightstand and a few others tucked away.

When your guests walk into your home, you want your home’s scent to be welcoming and refreshing. Holiday scents can often be overwhelming (have you noticed that too?) like a punch in the face! Febreze ONE scents, especially Bamboo, lightly scents the air while also getting rid of current odors. Febreze ONE contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes – perfect for guests of all kinds, big and small, human and canine.

Febreze ONE for the holidays

Febreze ONE is easy to use, great for guests who don’t want a heavy perfume in the air. Simply pump the nozzle once for a little spritz, or three times for a continuous spray. Spray in the air and on fabrics until damp to eliminate odors. When your canister runs out, purchase refills from your local retailer.

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Febreze ONE holidays

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