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Life with a newborn ain’t easy, no one has ever claimed that (who wasn’t lying through their teeth!) but it doesn’t last forever. Enjoying the pleasant parts of the newborn stage will get you through the tough ones: the fresh, powdery scent of baby skin, the little fingers grasped tightly around yours, a cooing smile, that one night you actually slept through… Before you know it, it will be over so take a deep breath and enjoy.

In the new-mom world, “colic” is a 4 letter word. Many of us don’t understand what it is even is, but we know we don’t want our baby to have it. You arrive home from the hospital — you’re sore, tired, hormonal and trying to work a million new baby gadgets for the first time. You have a freezer full of baked ziti alongside your life-saving frozen Padsicles… good to go… but then… colic.

Up to 28% of all infants experience colic, which is defined as repeated episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying in an infant that is in otherwise perfect health.You doctor will assure you tat your baby is fine and send you on your way. Colic usually begins about two weeks after birth and subsides by three or four months of age. This can be a very trying time for the whole family.  Watch The ABC’s of Colic: Answers to Baby Colic and Digestion from Colief to learn more.

How to identify colic:

Generally, parents can identify colic using the “rule of threes

  • Unexplained crying in an infant for at least three hours per day,
  • Three days per week,
  • For at least three weeks (or more)

What to do when baby has colic:

Swaddle: I never could have gotten my youngest to sleep through the night without constant swaddling. The snug swaddle brings baby comfort as it reminds them of the tight space within the womb. Known for many benefits. Bonus points: turn on a sound machine set to white noise and invest in some black-out curtains. Create a zen place for your baby to sleep.

Massage: Soothing skin-to-skin contact lulls baby into a feeling of comfort and safety. Infants who are massaged cry less and sleep more — and it is a great way for you to bond with baby!

Babywearing: Keep baby close and comforted in a womb-like position in your baby carrier of choice. There is such a wide variety these days to choose from — bonus: your hands are now free!

Slower, more frequent feeding: …and with lots of burping! Feeding too much, too fast, can increase intestinal gas from the breakdown of excessive lactose (either in mother’s milk or in formula). Feed half as much, twice as often and remember to burp, burp, burp.

Bicycle Legs: This always worked with my little babe when he was gassy and cranking, Lie baby down on their back and pump their legs in a bicycle motion, gently. Goofy faces to distract optional, but recommended.

And of course, call in the big dogs with Colief Infant Drops. Colief contains the enzyme lactase, which eases digestion, thereby reducing the lengthy bouts of fussiness and crying that are associated with colic. Colief Infant Drops is the only product that has the lactase enzyme to help digest lactose and is the only product that is added to both breast milk and formula. Simply add the drops to the milk and can continue to feed baby. They are safe to be given at every feeding until about three or four months, when most babies outgrow colic.


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Purchase Colief Infant Drops available at Walgreens, Duane Reade, HEB and online for a SRP of $14.99. Talk to your pediatrician if you think your baby has colic for more baby exercises, tips and support!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Colief®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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