5 ways to make your home smell amazing for guests

I’m sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

I have to say, summer is not a time where we have a lot of overnight guests here in Palm Springs.  We spend most of the summer traveling north or heading any direction to a body of water.  As the summer ends, though, the guest requests start trickling in.  Our iconic town is a popular destination, especially when other parts of the nation begin to see snow.  At the end of the summer, I always give our guestroom a deep clean, a quick décor update and restock what I call my guest amenities drawer – small toiletries, cool snacks, and of course, postcards.  The one other thing I pay close attention to is the scent of my house.  Want your guests to tell everyone you have the best smelling guestroom?  Here are some ideas:

fresh flowers

There is nothing quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers and the scent they impart in the air.  Fresh flowers provide aromatics of being outside, in a meadow or lush garden somewhere… the perfect ambiance for overnight guests.

candles, diffusers

In the guest room, I always leave a couple of unlit candles with a box of matches.  With the wide variety of overnight guests you can have, there is no telling what their favorite scents are.  I try to stick to classic, simple and not overly fragrant candles – same goes with diffusers.

Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist

Febreze has long been the answer to a great smelling home, but I am absolutely loving this new product.  It first and foremost, eliminates odors and then leaves behind a light fragrance.  I’m not a huge fan of heavy perfumes as they can really cause a headache, so this is my new go-to.  Leave a Febreze ONE in your guestroom and your friends can use it at their discretion.  One pump to spritz, 3 pumps for a continuous spray.

home-baked cookies

When in doubt of your home’s overall scent, bake cookies.  This is an old trick of real estate agents really looking to sell a house.  Baking something yummy will make the entire house smell delicious, not just the guestroom – win all around.  Bonus, now you have warm cookies to offer to your houseguest!

deep clean

This may not be the easier or most popular suggestion, but nothing will make your house smell fresher than a deep clean.  On a time crunch?  Just give your surfaces a nice scrub with a fresh-smelling cleaner – floors, counters and furniture tops will give the best bang for your buck.

Preparing for guests doesn’t have to be super stressful.  Just remember some of the key points.  Add aromatics for a welcoming scent, make sure the guestroom is freshly cleaned, have amenities ready to go and don’t forget the postcards.  I swear, postcards get the best reactions from my guests.  I know I live in a destination town and most of my guests are coming from out of town/state but adding a fun personal touch will make guests feel super welcome.

One of the best tips for preparing for overnight guests is to give your friends what they need up front.  In the guestroom, leave fresh towels, extra blankets, shower amenities, etc.  Some guests don’t want to ask for things they need, so I’ve found that providing them day 1 makes for happier, more comfortable guests.  Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist is the perfect new addition to my guestroom since it gives my family and friends an easy way to keep their room fresh all stay long.

Febreze ONE contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes, which as a mom, is very important to me.  Its main job is to eliminate existing odors, solving the current problem. Febreze ONE then leaves behind a light scent that is so refreshing and never heavy. The scent I have currently is Mandarin. Mandarin scent is citrusy, fruity and bright – a perfect, almost neutral scent for any guest.  Febreze ONE also comes in Orchid and Bamboo.

The Febreze ONE is super easy to use and it lets out this fine mist.  It isn’t at all like a typical room spray, which lets out a heavy, perfumed spray.  The nozzle is so great and you can purchase Febreze ONE refills to keep your whole home smelling delightful.  Don’t cover up smells, eliminate them with Febreze ONE!

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