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5 ways to keep kids active this fall

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Fall, my favorite season since moving to the desert, is finally here.  Summer held on strong, way past where I wanted it to, but our day highs are finally going to drop this week.  NO more 3 digit temps!  Cooler weather means we’ll be outside as much as possible – exploring, exercising and enjoying the outdoors.

5 ways to keep kids active

I’m a homeschool mom so the responsibility falls to me to keep my kids active and healthy.  I take it very seriously!  Kids are learning habits now that will last them a lifetime and what could be more important than maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Another perk of keeping kids active and busy is… SLEEP!  Wearing my 4 year old out every day is a for real goal of mine.  A tired kid is a sleepy kid and who doesn’t love a kid who sleeps in?

5 ways to keep kids active in fall

The weather is perfect for being active outside, so let’s go!  Here are 5 ways to keep kids active this fall:

recreational sports

Like I mentioned, I’m a homeschool mom so this one is twofold for me.  It’s important (I think) for homeschool kids to attend regular, weekly groups for socializing reasons.  But, taking part in a team sport is beneficial for all kids and for many different reasons.  Not only are they getting regular workouts, but they are also making friends, learning how to work as a team and discovering the importance of responsibility/working hard.  Just yesterday, Savannah had her first cheer performance of this season.  She cheered, danced and sweated her butt off through a very hot, long parade!

5 ways to keep kids active

local hikes

Our family go-to exercise is definitely hiking and exploring outdoors.  I’m happiest when outside and searching for new hikes within an hour drive is my favorite thing to do!  Hikes are an easy, and usually free, way to get the whole family moving.  They are an excellent opportunity to test your kids limits and help push them past.  It’s walking with a twist and you get to decide how big a twist.  Start small and build each trip by adding distance and difficulty.  Of course, ages and abilities of your kids will help guide you to the right trails.

5 ways to keep kids active during fall

nightly walks and bike rides

No matter how busy you are – too busy to pack in the car and go – you can still go for a walk as a family.  A simple nightly walk around your neighborhood is not only good for the heart but also the soul.  This is precious family time spent away from distractions!  Take a walk, grab the bikes, trikes, scooters… whatever your family prefers.  Superhero cape is optional.

5 ways to keep kids active in fall

traditional activities

Kill two birds with one stone: check every obligatory autumn activity off your checklist and keep kids active at the same time!  Fun fall musts like visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches are a great opportunity to wrack up some steps.  Take your time, walk the full length and make sure to breathe in that fresh air!  Other awesome aerobic opportunities: festivals, parades, trunk or treats, haunted houses, corn mazes, any seasonal local events – just GO!

5 ways to keep kids active during fall

yard work

This cooler weather is perfect for accomplishing landscaping that you’ve been putting off.  Here in the desert, I barely touch our yard during the summer.  Come fall, it is time to garden, plant and manicure!  I enlist my daughter for help and we both end up breaking a sweat.  In a different climate?  Have your kids rake and collect the fall leaves, weed and fertilize the soil, lay mulch for freeze protection and plant spring-blooming bulbs.

5 ways to keep kids active during fall

Keeping kids healthy doesn’t have to be that complicated.  Staying active is easy when you make it fun and you do it together.  4 out of 5 of these exercise ideas can involve the whole family, which is why they are my favorite!  I’ve always been a bit of a nutrition nut, totally fascinated with the nutrients that make my body work better.  Of course as a mom, my main focus now is finding nutrients that give me more ENERGY. I love it, I need it and I never have enough of it.

nature made energy

I added Nature Made® Energy B12 Adult Gummies to my daily regimen to keep me running right alongside my kids this fall.  These gummies are a delicious way to obtain vitamin B12, which supports cellular energy production in the body†. 2 gummies a day provide 1000 mcg of vitamin b12.

nature made gummies

It is important to carefully choose the vitamins you purchase for your family.  If you’re unsure of which brands to trust, a great place to look for a recommendation is a pharmacist, no? Nature Made® is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand of letter vitamins**, so look no further!

nature made kids vitamins

Stock up on the hand sanitizer and keep kids pumped full of essential vitamins to help support their immune systems.† A crucial product for parents to keep in their cabinet is Nature Made® Kids First® Vitamin C (for 4 years+).

nature made vitamins for kids

I find my Nature Made® Vitamins at Target near the pharmacy. They have a new awesome price of just $9.99 so I make sure to grab a variety! Kids don’t always love to take vitamins and this is why finding great-tasting vitamin gummies is so great! Both of my kids love the natural flavors of Nature Made® Vitamins. They contain no preservatives or yeast and are gluten free.

vitamins at Target

Headed to Target? Get 30% off all Nature Made® products with Cartwheel, while supplies last! Don’t forget to not only grab vitamins for the kids but also for yourself (and your spouse)!

nature made vitamins at target


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
** Based on U.S. News and World Report Pharmacy Times Survey

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