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5 Ways to get Active After the Big Game (as a family) with Persil® ProClean® laundry detergent from Walmart®

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The Big Game is a recognized holiday in our house. Our team might actually make it all the way this year (unheard of) so the excitement is real! Every year, we host a party at our home and this year will be no different. I love to create traditional game day foods, and yeah, they get a little heavy. The day after the Big Game (a day full of couch hanging and food gorging) I usually want to get outside and get moving with my family. Being a healthy and active role model for my kiddos is so important to me! Join me this year as we get active after the final day of football and we clean up our dirty laundry with Persil® ProClean® laundry detergent from Walmart, our go-to detergent for our active family.

5 Ways to get Active After the Big Game (as a family)

an afternoon at the park

The local parks are definitely a parent’s best friend. They are free, filled with hours of amusement and come preloaded with new kids to play with. While it may be tempting to drop the kids off and then nestle into a nearby bench, get up and play yourself. Interact with your kids by joining in on an impromptu soccer or basketball game, swing on the swings, chase them… get your burn too!

a family bike ride

When convenience is important, nothing beats a family walk/run/scoot/bike ride around the neighborhood. It takes zero planning to get everyone outside on their choice mode of transportation. I’m guessing a lot of you have new bikes/scooters anyway from Christmas like we do. Show off your skills and new toys while exercising and socializing with neighbors.

snowball fight

If you are lucky enough to have snow on the ground, go play in it! Running through snow burns a ton of calories. Bundle up the kiddos and start packing the snowballs.  Build an igloo or foxhole and let the snowballs fly. These are the magical memories kids will remember forever – you participating in their sill childhood games!

backyard football game

Feeling inspired by the Big Game? Put your own football skills to the test with a family or neighborhood football game. We just recently started playing games of flag football, now that our youngest is old enough to understand the rules, and it’s now a favorite weekend activity. Put those spirals up and host your own Big Game.

a local hike

Well, we’re an outdoorsy family, mostly because I go bonkers cooped up inside. Local hikes are the perfect quick getaways where you don’t have to go far to feel like you’re on vacation. Choose a hike that matches your weakest member’s skill level and don’t forget the water! Hikes are a very visual accomplishment and a great place to push kids to their physical limits.

One of our favorite local hikes (Palm Desert, CA) is known as “hike to the cross”. It is a dog and family friendly 3 mile out and back trail.  It only takes about an hour, so if you’re in town I highly suggest it! The view is absolutely beautiful and at the top (where the cross is) you can see the entire Coachella Valley. This is where you can find us after the Big Game this year, burning off our party-food calories!

After we return from our hike, you can bet we’ll be out on a bike ride. Both of our kiddos received new, bigger bikes this year and they are totally obsessed with them. Our daughter (who just turned 11 *tear*) is rockin her new adult-size 26″ and you seriously can’t wipe the grin off of her proud face. I love that she is getting constant exercise with this smart gift! Our littlest is still learning how to ride his mountain bike (no training wheels) so he is often practicing on his balance bike or riding his scooter. Once he masters the big boy bike, you can count on a blog post with all of my tips… stay tuned!

We’ve always been an outdoorsy family and it goes without saying, our laundry can be quite the crime scene. The day-to-day laundry piles up as is with kids, but it definitely gets grosser when you all love to be outside. The kids are constantly pulling off sand-filled shoes and tossing mud-smeared clothes into hampers. While I’m pretty much an expert on stain removal, my main concern is avoiding dinginess! I want our clothes to come out of the dryer fresh, clean and bright!

I recently switched to Persil® ProClean®, a premium, powerful laundry detergent for those who like to play dirty! Formulated with special Pro10 Technology, it delivers 10 Dimensions of Clean to stand up to our active family’s messes. The 10 Dimensions of Clean are: stain fighting, whitening, brightening, anti-graying, clean rinsing, long lasting freshness, odor fighting, cold water cleaning, clean fresh scent, fiber care.

I keep my laundry room locked and loaded with Persil laundry detergents in both the ProClean® Power-Liquid® and ProClean® Power-Caps® versions. For heavy loads, I reach for the liquid and on busy days, I toss in a Power-Cap. I don’t have any extra time in my life to pretreat and work on stubborn stains, which is why I choose a premium detergent brand in the first place. We have too many future adventures to take to waste time in the laundry room!

Find Persil® laundry detergents at Walmart in the aisle with other detergents, fabric softeners, etc.


Happy Trails!

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