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5 unhealthy habits to ditch now + hello, I’m a Beachbody coach!

I’m sharing these 5 unhealthy habits to ditch now as part of a sponsored post for o.b. brand® and Socialstars #OBelievers

After going back and forth for quite awhile, I made a decision and commitment to become a Beachbody coach just days ago.  I have been doing Beachbody programs with my husband for over 6 years but coaching was not on my radar; I’m too busy to coach, are you kidding?!  Last week, I realized I didn’t have to be too busy if I reorganized my priorities, and what needs to be a higher priority than my health? Absolutely nothing.  Today, we ditch a lot of things we don’t need, many of these personal goals I’ve set for myself.  If you can relate, and I know that you can, join me on this journey to better “uses”!


  • thinking you are too busy to be healthy

This is a pretty ridiculous thought when I see it written, but a lot of us, especially moms, put everything and everyone before ourselves. Skipping workouts or healthier meal preparations because you are “too busy” is an excuse I don’t have time for anymore and you shouldn’t either. Nothing is more important than your health.  Set a positive example for your kids and show them being healthy is #1 priority.


  • workaholic tendencies

It may seem counter-intuitive to fight my workaholic tendencies by taking on another job, but for me it means letting go of some other, less positive things.  Being stressed to the max and burned out while you spend your days overworking, isn’t the key to happiness.  Finding a balance with work will be different for everyone. It may mean delegating more, saying NO to added responsibilities or (the scary one) changing careers  altogether.  At the end of your life, what memories will you treasure most?

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  • fad diets

Calories in vs calories out <– that’s how simple it is.  Jumping onto new fad diet bandwagons can be very unhealthy for your body and counterproductive to achieving your goals.  I enjoy reading about different nutritional plans, taking aspects of and incorporating them into my lifestyle, for sure.  But, switching your whole diet around, especially when it involves cutting out whole food groups, should raise a red flag for you. Keep it low calorie, full of colorful produce, hit all areas of the food pyramid and you should be sitting pretty.  Keep it simple.


  • putting sleep last

It may be trendy to assimilate motherhood with no sleep, but not getting enough sleep can be one of the worst things you can do to your body.  Yes, I admit I only operate in the morning with coffee, in the afternoon with green tea, and a shot of wheatgrass in the evening, but I still try to get my sleep. My husband moonlights as a bartender on the weekends and gets home at 3 am. It can be hard for me to fall asleep on those nights without him, so this is an ongoing struggle, but a glass of wine or nighty calm tea helps a lot.  The zombie look is so 3 years ago.

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  • underestimating the power of a clean, organized house

Cleaning the house definitely gets put on the back-burner for many of us busy families.  I understand it and am guilty of letting it happen.  Yes, family time comes before chores, but don’t purchase that “a messy house is a happy house” sign just yet.  Disorganized surroundings can lead to disorganized lives and I felt it like never before this summer.  One of the best things I ever did was promise myself to tackle one extra housekeeping task a day.  These are all 30 min or less, little time spent with a huge impact over time, from organizing one drawer, raking the front yard (which is sand), vacuuming the pool, cleaning makeup brushes, hand washing delicates, etc.  These are all little things that, which when neglected, pile up and become overwhelming.  Just one a day, you can do it!


I wrote a post a few days ago about finding personal balance and the promises I’ve made to myself.  This post ties right in with that and expect to see a lot more as I dive headfirst into not only Beachbody coaching (starting with PiYo) but pushing this blog further into the health and fitness focus.

There is a lot of excess in our lives, so much unnecessary STUFF weighing us down.  What spurred this whole post conception is the simplicity of o.b.® tampons without the applicator.  I was leery of the idea at first, but have found myself not missing the applicator and wondering why I didn’t ditch it sooner.  Now I can leave the house without even a clutch because the o.b.® tampons fit in my tiny pocket!


As a new Beachbody coach, I know that all women have different bodies.  o.b.® PRO COMFORT® Regular tampons expand to your unique shape and Fluid-Lock® grooves lock in moisture for leak protection.  So if you’re laying on the couch or up PiYoing with me, you are all set in both comfort and coverage!

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